Lovely leather!

imageAfter getting my last pay check, I decided to treat myself for Christmas! I arrived home on Christmas Eve and opened the package then. It still isn’t completely set up – I need to buy some nice paper for my inserts! I do have my set-up planned out though!

The Holborn is made from soft Buffalo leather and it feels amazing. It is so soft and the brown is lovely. The Filofax just lies flat upon opening up, and it is flexible without being too soft. It holds it’s shape well, and is easy to write in! I really like the contrast stitching, and even the sectioned off bit on the left! (What is the name for that?!) I’m sure I didn’t like this when I first looked through all the Filofaxes, but seeing it in person changed that!

My main reason for buying the Holborn was the pockets. Having been in the Original for a while, I realised that more pockets would be helpful – I was using wallets and I didn’t like it! When I first spotted it in a shop, I was amazed at how nice the leather felt, but I also loved the inside layout! There are plenty of business card sized slots, and also four full length pockets (two in the front, two in the back) and also a zipped pocket! The zip in the Holborn is a lot easier to use than the one in my Finsbury!

I will do a post soon with my set-up. It is changing from what I used in my Original, as I have decided on a few things that I need to track!


Uniball pens – review #1

So you may remember this post where I bought a bunch of uniball pens and said I would review them – though it was a while ago!

Anyway, here’s the first set of pens!

Now I have to say, I was a little disappointed in these! Four out of the five just didn’t seem to write very well, and looked really light. I did love the Jetstream one though! Now that is the kind of pen I like to use. It was dark, and felt smooth to write with.

You can see here that the ink is really light, and I hate black inks that aren’t actually a proper black! The second blue pen was light, and I would have liked it if it didn’t feel ‘dry’ to write with. The colour was a little temperamental, as you can see with the different tones throughout writing the word. I could not find the black pen with just a plain blue outer layer anywhere. I have no idea which pen that is – it had no writing on it!

No bleed through on the thin Filofax paper though… always a plus!

So yeah, not overly impressed with this set! Though I can see myself using the Jetstream often!

Lots of pens!

Well I spotted these in B&M and couldn’t resist… Now a few of these pens are repeated like three times, so there aren’t actually as many different pens as it looks. Nevertheless, it looked cool and I can’t wait to have a proper look at them and review some of the ones I really like/dislike!

There seems to be quite a few ballpoint pens so I’m glad about that – I’ve never been a huge fan of rollerball/inky pens. So yes, be on the lookout for those! I’ll do them in a few posts over the next couple of months.

Testing new pens…

During Freshers week, I managed to get three pens in a goody bag from Rymans. I did not buy these pens, but I didn’t receive them in exchange for a review either – I just thought I would show them and give my opinions!

Now I had been wanting to try the Frixion Highlighters for a while, so I was pleased to see this in the bag. It works pretty well, once you’ve let it dry! I tried erasing it straight away, and it smudged a little. The highlighter actually rubbed out better over the liquid rollerball, instead of over the ballpoint as I was expecting. You can see that the blue ballpoint has smudged a little. Again, this could be because I didn’t wait long enough… You can also get a pink and green highlighter in this range.

I’ve never heard of Schneider before, but I really love this pen – the Slider Edge! I have to say that I am a huge fan of ballpoint, and I don’t really like using liquid/gel inks. The only thing that I have against this pen is that it’s too thick – I would personally have gone for the Fine or Medium point rather than Extra Wide. I will probably buy the Fine one at some point – I need a good blue ballpoint. The Extra Wide range has quite a few colours to choose from. These sort of remind me of the Staedtler Fineliners, just in a ballpoint style. You can see the range of XB here. The Fine and Medium tips only have the base colours. The leaflet that I got also states that the black ink is waterproof, which is interesting!

The Uni-ball eye needle is nice, but as I said above, this type of pen isn’t really one I like to use. I think the bend resistant nib is a good idea, and I like that the nib is also quite thin. I have the fine tip, which is 0.5mm. It comes in a range of colours, including violet and pink as well as the usual black, blue, red and green. They do the same pen in a micro tip which is 0.3mm. This pen only has the four base colours though.

Here is a bleed through test on cotton cream Filofax paper… As you can see, no show through at all. (This is where I first tested the highlighter eraser, and think the highlighter ink was too wet and smudged the paper lines!)

Quite a good selection of goodies I think! My favourite pen is the Schneider, but I can definitely see the Frixion highlighter coming in handy! Will definitely use that in my university notes!

Bic 4-colour vs Papermate Inkjoy 4-colour

I have been using my Bic 4-colour pen for quite a few months now, and I’ve been getting on with it fine! I’m really not a rollerball pen fan. I don’t like the way that they look when I write, so the bic ballpoints were perfect for my daily diary.

Well, I was in Morrisons yesterday, and I spotted this Papermate Inkjoy 4-colour pen! It was £1.50, and having used inkjoy pens before (I use them in my A5 Filo!) I couldn’t leave without it! The best thing is that the colours are pretty much identical to the Bic colours – it won’t disrupt my colour code! They did this Papermate pen in the ‘fashion colours’ as seen, but also did them in the normal colours.

So, as you can see below, the two pens are almost identical in size. The length and width is pretty much the same. I do prefer how the Bic looks. I like the purple, and it just looks nicer. The Papermate is an off-white/grey colour, and isn’t the nicest! I also prefer deep purple over lilac! The Bic looks more expensive to me (and I think it probably was!) in the design.

Despite the look, I can say that I definitely prefer the Papermate Inkjoy! In the photo below, the Bic is on the left. At a glance, they don’t look much different. However, you can see that the Papermate writes much more smoothly, and the colours are a little more vibrant.

I’ve never had a problem with how the Bic writes. It has worked great for me in my diary, and looks fine! Having tried the Papermate now though, I will be swapping to it! I really like Papermate as a brand. My black ‘daily’ pen is also a Papermate, and a ballpoint!

In love with the Original! – Personal Green

Filofax A5 Original Green

Yep, I now own a green Original Filofax in personal size! I’ve been wanting some colour for ages, as the black Finsbury is just boring me a little. This green is such a nice colour, and of course the original leather is lovely!

imageI bought this off someone as almost new. Used for two months, but you can’t tell! It’s in perfect condition. It also lies pretty flat upon opening it, and will be flat once I open to my diary. It is quite dark, but also bright at the same time. It adds a lovely dash of colour without being too in your face (yes, I’m looking at you fluoro pink original! 😉 hahah!)

So I only did a set-up update quite recently, but here it is again… I think I may make a new first page. As much as I love my Harry Potter one, I feel like I need a change! I think I’ve had that for over a year! (Saying that, this will be my first ‘new’ daily filofax in almost a year!)

The pen set-up is only temporary. I’m going to order a pen loop for my four-colour, as it is so big. Currently I’m putting the ‘handle’ bit in the loop so it can sit outside of the pages (as can be seen in the last photo!)

So first I just have a couple of wallets with random bits in there.

Then it’s my notepaper!

I have my diary after that, but I’m leaving that out of this post! At the back I have more wallets with sticky notes, stickers, random cards and a photo of my Grandad in there (:

I’m not sure I will be keeping this notepad in, as I don’t think I will use it… Might just ‘trial’ it!

Leather Cahir – The Container Notebook

image A couple of days ago, I was made aware of the Waterstones ‘copy’ of the Midori Traveler’s notebook. Now I have wanted one of those for ages, but just couldn’t pay the price. This one was £10! I did actually struggle to find it at first! I was expecting to be able to see the leather, so this cardboard wrap confused me! It is pretty though!
Now this is actually from ‘The Container’ and they have a website (here) but you can’t seem to buy anything from it! On the website, these are under ‘leather cahir’. My Waterstones only had this brown, a camel brown and black versions. It is 3mm thick leather, and is super soft to touch! It doesn’t quite lie flat when opened, but I think over use it would!

The back of the wrapping states that it was made in Turkey, and gives the website link!

So opening it up, you see the leather! The elastic used outside of the wrapping is actually the elastic attached to the notebook.

imageAnd here we can see it as you would normally! I really liked this colour. I didn’t want black, and I thought the lighter brown would get more obviously dirty. The contrasting colour of the elastic looks good against the dark brown!

This is something that I wouldn’t mind just throwing in a bag. I think leather looks amazing when it has been used and shows signs of wear. I can imagine this ageing well! Though I suppose an actually Midori may have a much nicer leather – I have never had one to compare! If I get on well with this one, I may eventually upgrade to a Midori! I would have liked the bigger sized one!

Opening up, here is the notebook that came with it. I have ordered some others, but they will only be here next week so I will do another update with how it looks when ‘fuller’!

The paper is narrow ruled, which I love! I have sort of small writing, so I really dislike wide-ruled notebooks! Each page is also perforated which is handy!

The leather without the notebook. You can see how the elastics are fastened…

The paper is classed as ’80 gr super smooth uncoated wood free paper’ on the website. That may be 80gsm, but I’m not sure! It feels pretty thick anyway, and is nice to write on!

With these pens, the first two are ballpoints, the next three liquid/gel and the next two are markers (but not ‘permanent markers’!)

You can see that there’s really no show through on most pens – just the Staedtler one! Even that one isn’t too bad.

First impressions? I really like it! I’ll be using this as my ‘outdoor’ notebook. As I’m studying Wildlife & Media, I’m generally outdoors, and I can use this to write down animal notes, photography/video notes etc. I have ordered the Field Notes ‘Expedition’ pack so I also have weatherproof paper!

Organising my A5 Original!

I have finally made some A5 dividers for my Original Filofax! I figured I would show my set-up… I am using the A5 as a ‘home’ filofax. My main diary is still in my personal Finsbury, as I just feel like the A5 is too big for me to carry around! This is a very image heavy post! So, onto the sections (and dividers!):

This is the first view inside.

imageI decided to keep the front sheet in for now. I have a sticky note on the fly leaf as a key for the sections. I haven’t written the section name on the tabs, so this is just while I get used to the layout! I have a Frixion pen in the loop, and I also put an inkjoy pen in the other loop but it isn’t shown here! (It will be shown at the end.) In the back pocket, I have these three postcards which I picked up in New Quay in Wales! I really love these! I’ve now decided that I’m going to start collecting postcards from places that I visit… If they sell them of course!

My first section is blog! This is where I can plan things specifically for my blog.

So I’m a nature kind of person… I love birds. I really love this paper! I stuck it onto an A5 piece of card and then added a ‘cork’ paper title background. I picked these papers up in a set, and all my dividers have a similar theme. You can find them here!

Anyway, in this section I first have the notes that I’ve received from companies.

Then I have designed myself a page where I can keep track of product reviews! Behind that, I just have pieces of notepaper where I can jot down blog ideas, and things that need doing!

Next up is my recipes section. I’m wanting to start baking more, so here’s a perfect place to collect good recipes!

I took a photo of this page from one of my Grandma’s old recipe books (mentioned here!) and then printed it onto some paper to stick in!

Click below to read on!

The Original A5 Filofax* – A Review (Part 1)

Now isn’t that colour gorgeous! I was lucky enough to receive a Patent Purple A5 Original* from Filofax and Jess and Natasha from The Ideas Network. Now this is my first A5 Filofax, and it’s something that I really wanted to try out! I know what I’m going to use it for. It’s too big to be my everyday diary – I’ll be sticking to my personal Finsbury for that – but it’s perfect for a staying at home planning Filofax. I am going to post another ‘review’ on my set up and what I’m using it for, so look out for that in the coming week!

I decided on the purple because I needed a little colour! I’m not a fan of fluorescent colours, so those were out! I very nearly decided on the green, but the purple was just calling my name! I love the feel of this leather. It is so soft, and despite this one being patent leather, it doesn’t feel ‘plasticky’ at all! It just feels lovely! The leather is such a thick cut too, and it being just one layer adds so much to the Filofax. It just feels simple and minimalistic! It lay flat upon first opening it, and it is so soft that when you hold it up by the middle, the sides will just hang down!

So this filofax landed on my doorstop a mere two days after being told that I would be receiving it! I really didn’t expect it to arrive so quickly, but strangely I had been daydreaming about it that morning when I woke up… I had a nice little message inside, and it was wrapped in this blue tissue paper.

The protective cover is plastic, and is designed so you can actually see the Filofax without having to take it out of the box!

The Patent Purple is glossy, but not so much that I don’t like it! I usually prefer more matt looking things, but I really love this. It is super shiny in sunlight, and was difficult to photograph in some places! Here it doesn’t look so shiny, but you can tell on the strap!

Opening up, you can see that the inside doesn’t have many card slots, and the pen loop is on the front of the Filofax. A lot of people aren’t really liking this, and I can see that it would be a little strange, being right handed, but it doesn’t bother me too much! The big elastic is a little too tight for my phone – I’m worried about trying to stretch it too much! I think I’ll probably use this for sticky notes or something though! There’s a big pocket and that will be useful for loose sheets!

The back also has a full length pocket, and has a notepad slot. I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of that, as I often forget things in the back!

This Filofax came with a 2014 WO2P diary, but the days are vertical! I’ve never had one like this before, so that could be interesting. I also received a July-December 2013 diary too in the back, so I can use it from next week!

I got a lot of different types of notepaper… Plain, lined, graphed and lots of coloured pieces! I will do pen tests on these in my next post! I also got To-Do pages and Contacts pages.

And finally, an A5 plastic wallet! I did plan to stick this in one of my sections, but it’s quite wide and covers the divider tabs! I will have to leave it at the bag! It will be very useful though!

First impressions – I really like it! It’s not too heavy (yet!) and I just can’t stop touching it… I can’t wait to fully set it up (which will probably happen Sunday evening) and then I will get the next review part up in the week!

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