Testing new pens…

During Freshers week, I managed to get three pens in a goody bag from Rymans. I did not buy these pens, but I didn’t receive them in exchange for a review either – I just thought I would show them and give my opinions!

Now I had been wanting to try the Frixion Highlighters for a while, so I was pleased to see this in the bag. It works pretty well, once you’ve let it dry! I tried erasing it straight away, and it smudged a little. The highlighter actually rubbed out better over the liquid rollerball, instead of over the ballpoint as I was expecting. You can see that the blue ballpoint has smudged a little. Again, this could be because I didn’t wait long enough… You can also get a pink and green highlighter in this range.

I’ve never heard of Schneider before, but I really love this pen – the Slider Edge! I have to say that I am a huge fan of ballpoint, and I don’t really like using liquid/gel inks. The only thing that I have against this pen is that it’s too thick – I would personally have gone for the Fine or Medium point rather than Extra Wide. I will probably buy the Fine one at some point – I need a good blue ballpoint. The Extra Wide range has quite a few colours to choose from. These sort of remind me of the Staedtler Fineliners, just in a ballpoint style. You can see the range of XB here. The Fine and Medium tips only have the base colours. The leaflet that I got also states that the black ink is waterproof, which is interesting!

The Uni-ball eye needle is nice, but as I said above, this type of pen isn’t really one I like to use. I think the bend resistant nib is a good idea, and I like that the nib is also quite thin. I have the fine tip, which is 0.5mm. It comes in a range of colours, including violet and pink as well as the usual black, blue, red and green. They do the same pen in a micro tip which is 0.3mm. This pen only has the four base colours though.

Here is a bleed through test on cotton cream Filofax paper… As you can see, no show through at all. (This is where I first tested the highlighter eraser, and think the highlighter ink was too wet and smudged the paper lines!)

Quite a good selection of goodies I think! My favourite pen is the Schneider, but I can definitely see the Frixion highlighter coming in handy! Will definitely use that in my university notes!

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