Leather Cahir – The Container Notebook

image A couple of days ago, I was made aware of the Waterstones ‘copy’ of the Midori Traveler’s notebook. Now I have wanted one of those for ages, but just couldn’t pay the price. This one was £10! I did actually struggle to find it at first! I was expecting to be able to see the leather, so this cardboard wrap confused me! It is pretty though!
Now this is actually from ‘The Container’ and they have a website (here) but you can’t seem to buy anything from it! On the website, these are under ‘leather cahir’. My Waterstones only had this brown, a camel brown and black versions. It is 3mm thick leather, and is super soft to touch! It doesn’t quite lie flat when opened, but I think over use it would!

The back of the wrapping states that it was made in Turkey, and gives the website link!

So opening it up, you see the leather! The elastic used outside of the wrapping is actually the elastic attached to the notebook.

imageAnd here we can see it as you would normally! I really liked this colour. I didn’t want black, and I thought the lighter brown would get more obviously dirty. The contrasting colour of the elastic looks good against the dark brown!

This is something that I wouldn’t mind just throwing in a bag. I think leather looks amazing when it has been used and shows signs of wear. I can imagine this ageing well! Though I suppose an actually Midori may have a much nicer leather – I have never had one to compare! If I get on well with this one, I may eventually upgrade to a Midori! I would have liked the bigger sized one!

Opening up, here is the notebook that came with it. I have ordered some others, but they will only be here next week so I will do another update with how it looks when ‘fuller’!

The paper is narrow ruled, which I love! I have sort of small writing, so I really dislike wide-ruled notebooks! Each page is also perforated which is handy!

The leather without the notebook. You can see how the elastics are fastened…

The paper is classed as ’80 gr super smooth uncoated wood free paper’ on the website. That may be 80gsm, but I’m not sure! It feels pretty thick anyway, and is nice to write on!

With these pens, the first two are ballpoints, the next three liquid/gel and the next two are markers (but not ‘permanent markers’!)

You can see that there’s really no show through on most pens – just the Staedtler one! Even that one isn’t too bad.

First impressions? I really like it! I’ll be using this as my ‘outdoor’ notebook. As I’m studying Wildlife & Media, I’m generally outdoors, and I can use this to write down animal notes, photography/video notes etc. I have ordered the Field Notes ‘Expedition’ pack so I also have weatherproof paper!

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