Speedo Aquapulse Max Goggles*: A review.

You’re mid-stroke and then all of a sudden your vision is blurry and you can’t tell if it’s just the lighting or whether you’re about to bump into another body… Sound familiar? I used to swim quite regularly, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of goggles which didn’t get foggy. Being a ‘glasses-wearer’, goggles are usually no fun for me anyway, but when they start to fog up, it makes it 10x worse!

Last year I bought a pair of goggles which had my prescription in them – I could see perfectly, great! And they were, for the two times that I managed to use them without the fogging problem! I cannot begin to describe just how annoying it was to have to take goggles off and wipe them each time I did a lap. So I gave up, and I just swam keeping my head above the water and wearing my glasses. Not ideal, right?

Anyway, Speedo offered me a pair of their new Aquapulse Max Goggles* and I jumped at the chance to try them out! These goggles boast ‘IQfit™ Technology’, which means that they are designed to fit the face properly – no gaps and no water spilling in from the side! They also have wide lenses, giving a really good view, and an anti-fog coating to stop vision disappearing. Sounds great!

speedo aquapulse max goggles

I’ve used them twice now, and although I still can’t see out of them clearly (being short-sighted sucks!), the anti-fog coating definitely works, and it was so much easier for me. I can see blurs, and I could generally figure out which blurs were people. Often, goggles make that even more difficult for me! The goggles definitely have a wide field of view, and I cannot fault them at all for that. They also fit really well to my face, although I do have to admit that I struggled to get them together at first. I think that’s just me being dim!

Here you can see the Speedo sign on the side, and the strap also has measurements! The band is comfortable, and I really like how it is designed. It’s really easy to tighten the straps, when the goggles are on your head. All you need to do is reach back and pull on the two ends!

speedo aquapulse max goggles speedo aquapulse max goggles

Here you can see the edge of the strap, and how it slots into the goggles. It’s really simple and you just slide them together really! I’m not sure why I struggled looking back, it’s definitely one of the easiest set-ups I’ve seen!

speedo aquapulse max goggles speedo aquapulse max goggles

I did try to get a photo of them on, but I just looked too scary to post it! So far I have nothing bad to say about the Aquapulse Max goggles. They seem to be quite sturdy so I have a good feeling that they will hold up well!

Now I’ve got my eye on the Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback swimsuit. The suit has internal compression panels, which are designed to make you more aware of key muscles used when swimming, which in turn will help you to gain better position and technique in the water. It also gives your body support, making you comfortable when you swim. It sounds good to me, and definitely worth the £60 price tag if you’re a keen swimmer! I currently have a Speedo sculpture swimsuit and that one holds me in and is super comfortable to swim in, so I’m already a fan!

*This is a sponsored post and the product was sent for an honest review.


New Balance 789 Trail Running – A Quick Review

I bought myself some new trainers earlier this year, and since have those I’ve had a bit of a problem with a lump appearing on my leg, and getting pins and needles. (A possible muscle tear – I’m getting scanned soon!)

Anyway, I decided to get some new running shoes. My first ever pair of running shoes were New Balance, the problem pair were More Mile, and a trail pair. This time I’ve gone back to New Balance. Now these shoes are quite similar to my first pair, but those were road shoes whereas these are trail.

When I went into the shop, I tried on two different shoes. This pair, and some Karrimor ones. The Karrimor felt really clunky on my feet, and these ones were light. They felt better, and on that basis I went with them. They cost me £34.99 so it wasn’t too expensive either!

They fit really nicely (ignore my socks!) and don’t feel too tight or too loose. I also quite like the colour and the laces! I’ve never had a ‘pretty’ pair of running shoes! 😉

I have run in them once since buying, and it was a really good run. I didn’t experience any pain, and I didn’t get pins and needles at all! Overall, pretty good. Now I haven’t yet used them in wet or muddy conditions, so I will get to that and then do an update on how well the trail factor works on these!

My first impressions are good!

The Color Run Manchester

image Sunday 21st July – The Color Run Manchester

Now The Color Run is a well known running event in the US, and has only just come over to the UK! The first Color Run over here was in London a couple of weeks ago! This is a 5k race in which you will be covered in paint powder at every 1k marker! The only rule is that you have to wear white!

When I heard that The Color Run was coming to the UK, I was so excited! Even more so when I found out there would be one at Manchester! I have been jealously watching the US show photos from their runs and wishing that I could take part!

That time finally arrived on Sunday! Here I am on the left, looking as white and clean as ever! And below is the end result – myself and my boyfriend looking very colourful! (The following three photos thanks to my boyfriend! 😉 aha!)

It was a really fun race, and there were people of all ages! I don’t know how many people there were, but it was definitely well into the thousands… I think they had 5000 ‘spaces’ so probably nearer to that number! We were split into groups of people, and they let a few hundred set off every few minutes. We actually started at 3:15pm, and considering it started at 3pm we weren’t waiting long to start!

We did queue up forever at the Dulux tent at the end, only to discover that the photos were being taken on ipads! We were not impressed! Nevertheless, we got a photo of us jumping taken (we had waited for at least an hour!) and got the free print. Mine was okay, my boyfriend’s was brilliant… xD If I had known it was an ipad photo, and not an actual camera then I probably wouldn’t have bothered!

Right after getting a big splat of purple powder in the final colour celebration!

And lastly, a cool photo I got on my phone!

I did take disposable film cameras, so once I get those developed I may post some more photos!

Leigh 10k Race Recap! 7-7-13

imageI woke up early yesterday morning, the nerves really getting to me! I knew that the weather was going to be lovely – but I also knew that meant it would be around 20 degrees! That’s not always great for a run! I was really hoping that we would get a little rain, and the weather forecast would be wrong! (It was 21 degrees during my run…)

Anyway, the race was part of the Legacy Event Series and took place in Pennington Flash. I had done the Race for Life in June in the same place, but this time we were running ‘backwards’ on that route, with some extra paths added… In the Race For Life we had a nice zig-zag run downhill. In this 10k, we were running up it! Couple that with the roaring heat, and it is very difficult! I admit that I did walk up the hills (one was almost vertical!) and I had to stop and walk for a bit around 5k as my right foot got pins and needles. I’m thinking my right foot must be bigger than my left, making the shoe tighter on that one… Also, my trainers are black, and so I think that could be a downside!

So, we ran through lovely woodland paths (with very welcome shade!), got nice views from the hills and ran along the canal, seeing boats lined up on the way! I think this route is a great one for a 10k, as it never got ‘boring’. It would only have been better if we had some nice rain to cool us off! The two water stops at 4k and around 7k were definitely helpful! I was carrying a bottle with me because of the heat but the water just got so warm it was nasty! You can see the map below!

imageAnd here are my stats for the run! I managed it in 69 minutes, which is about a minute faster than my previous 10k runs! This was totally unexpected because of the heat, and the fact that I knew it would be hilly! I was expecting it to be around 75-80 minutes, so to beat my expectations by nearly 10 minutes was great! As I came to the last 20 metres or so, I heard my mum shout for me… She knew I would have loved to be under 70 minutes, and I was a minute away from it! That urged me on too! No official time yet from the organisers, but I saw the clock as I crossed the finish and it was 1h9mins! Super pleased! With around 3k to go, my thighs started to feel like they were going to seize up. I really thought I would have to walk for a bit, but then a woman who was just in front of me started talking to me, and she got me going without really knowing it! I kept to her pace, and having her running slightly in front of me really helped!

imageAnd here’s my number and medal! I was surprised to have such a low number! I didn’t realise I’d signed up so early! I really like the medal! It would be nice if it had said Leigh 10k on the medal, and I had seen others complain before my race so I expected it, but it just says Legacy Event Series… Still, the number says Leigh 10k so that’s all good!
When I get my room sorted, I’m going to get my dad to build me a medal and race number holder! It’ll be nice to keep them all together!

So yep, it was a great race and I loved it! I think I’ll definitely be doing it again next summer!

Garmin Forerunner 10 – A review.

imageI recently managed to grab a Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch!
When I first started running, I was using my Nike+ and iPod touch. After using that on a treadmill, I realised that it wasn’t actually that accurate at all… My Nike+ made it out like I was faster and was running further than I actually was – not good! After ditching that, I moved onto RunKeeper on my phone. Now this worked fine (although my phone did have pretty jumpy GPS signal), and I definitely trust the miles that it counts! However, my phone is quite annoying on a run. It’s difficult to quickly check my distance and pace, and I’d rather just keep it zipped into my pocket!

Now I settled on this Garmin because, after reading reviews, I figured that it was the cheapest that was worth buying! Everyone seemed to be pleased with it, and I can definitely say that I am too! I got the green one (as you can see above!) and it is one of the smaller ones. It fits perfectly on my wrist, and it isn’t heavy at all! I can barely feel it when I’m running! I love the colour too – though I would have maybe liked a purple one! With the watch, you will receive a USB charger that simply clips onto the back of the watch and plugs into a computer! It is all simple enough! The USB charger doesn’t bother me, as I think it’s quite easy to plug in, get your running data uploaded and then leave it charging for a little bit! This may be a downside for some people though!

I set out for my first run all excited! Upon pressing the top right button, the watch searched for a GPS signal and managed to get it in around 10 seconds! On my second run, this did take around 30 seconds but it’s no big deal at all. You can do a little warm up on the spot/stretches etc before setting off. I was very happy that the watch did not lose signal once on my run! I ran through fields and through woodland paths on my second run, and the tree cover didn’t affect the signal at all – always a plus!

To upload your data, you need to sign up to the Garmin Connect page. Once signed up, you just need to click upload and then follow the instructions! Once data is uploaded, this is what you will see on your dashboard!

Here you will just see an overview of your runs, and on certain information. To see everything, just click ‘view details’!

Now you will get this page, as shown below. You have a map of your run, a summary, details, laps, weather, timing/elevation charts and additional information which just tells you which watch you used!

I particularly like the weather box! This would come in handy to see how I’m performing in certain conditions. I also like the ‘elapsed time’ and ‘moving time’ measurements. This gives you an idea of how stops affect your time (for example stopping to cross a road!) You get a good range of information here, and it is all very useful. You can use these to compare runs and just to see how you’re doing!

Now what I also like about my Garmin, is that I can upload the data to RunKeeper, thus keeping all that information together! I have lots of runs on there, so it’s good to be able to upload new runs too! I think the only real advantage to Garmin Connect over Runkeeper is the weather box. Everything else is pretty much the same!

This watch is definitely a good buy!


I like to run. I’m constantly wanting to improve, and that means keeping track of what I’m doing. I had been using Nike+ on my ipod, but the distances were just completely different to those on a treadmill, when using both counters. Now the treadmill is never perfect, but when my Nike+ was almost 2 miles out (telling me I had done more!) I decided that I needed something else to track my runs.

I found runkeeper on the play store, and having already heard of it from tumblr, I downloaded it onto my phone! The app is free, and I believe it is available on apple as well as android! If you look on the Runkeeper website, there are also a few different apps that they list that will upload to the website. Just in case this app in particular doesn’t work for you.

On the left is what I see when I first open the app. It opens on the start activity page, and you should wait until you can find a signal before starting. You’ll need to be outside to do that! There are many activity types that you can choose from, so it’s not just for running! I have yet to try anything other than walking and running though!


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