Homemade travel journal. (SMASH/Scrapbook)

As I have mentioned previously, I’ve been creating a travel journal to document my expedition to Finland. Well, it is finally complete (or near enough) and I have done a video to show you the pages. Yes, I have done a video! A little scary to be honest, but I’m afraid you’re only getting my voice…

If you didn’t want to watch the video, I’ve got a few of my favourite pages here:


A new scrapbooking project

My boyfriend and I have been together for four years now, and throughout the relationship I have kept random memories in a little box. I figured that it’s about time that I sorted through that stuff, and placed it into a scrapbook! One little trip to The Range, and I now have a ‘La De Dah’ scrapbook, as well as a few extra bits! I’ve been looking at these for ages, but never knew what I would use it for – I don’t think I could keep up a scrapbook of normal every day life. I was also put off from getting this originally because it just didn’t look like it had enough pages. When I discovered that you can add in pages though, I was sold!

I chose the blue one, and I thought it very fitting that the first page says ‘let the journey begin’. It’s going to be interesting to sort through all the things I’ve collected! I’ll be able to start it when I go home next week, and I can’t wait!

I am also (finally) beginning to sort my expedition travel journal out – hopefully that will be done in the next two weeks. I need to get some photos printed, but I’m hoping to get all my receipts/notes/leaflets stuck in during the next few days!

Starting a travel journal.

Smash journals have been around for a while, and I’ve been aware of them but not really understanding much. Now ‘smashing’ (is it called that?!) is pretty much scrapbooking… Having not done it before, I can’t really say that I have any sort of huge love for it, but I do think it looks pretty cool!

Anyway, I was looking for ideas for a travel journal as I’m off on an expedition to Finland in April and I wanted to keep track of what we did. I stumbled across this post and it reminded me of Smash journalling, but at a cheaper price! I bought a few bits last week to start it, and made this video on Friday! It’s a timelapse, and I apologise for the lack of sound! (And my big head, which occasionally gets in the way!)

Now it’s pretty ’empty’ at the moment – I’ve barely started. This week I’m going to write up some information and journal the things that we’ve done for planning. It’ll obviously look better once I’ve been on the expedition and added all the things that I do there! I’m excited to get it going properly! Since discovering this, I’ve watched so many videos about smash journals!

Leather Cahir – The Container Notebook

image A couple of days ago, I was made aware of the Waterstones ‘copy’ of the Midori Traveler’s notebook. Now I have wanted one of those for ages, but just couldn’t pay the price. This one was £10! I did actually struggle to find it at first! I was expecting to be able to see the leather, so this cardboard wrap confused me! It is pretty though!
Now this is actually from ‘The Container’ and they have a website (here) but you can’t seem to buy anything from it! On the website, these are under ‘leather cahir’. My Waterstones only had this brown, a camel brown and black versions. It is 3mm thick leather, and is super soft to touch! It doesn’t quite lie flat when opened, but I think over use it would!

The back of the wrapping states that it was made in Turkey, and gives the website link!

So opening it up, you see the leather! The elastic used outside of the wrapping is actually the elastic attached to the notebook.

imageAnd here we can see it as you would normally! I really liked this colour. I didn’t want black, and I thought the lighter brown would get more obviously dirty. The contrasting colour of the elastic looks good against the dark brown!

This is something that I wouldn’t mind just throwing in a bag. I think leather looks amazing when it has been used and shows signs of wear. I can imagine this ageing well! Though I suppose an actually Midori may have a much nicer leather – I have never had one to compare! If I get on well with this one, I may eventually upgrade to a Midori! I would have liked the bigger sized one!

Opening up, here is the notebook that came with it. I have ordered some others, but they will only be here next week so I will do another update with how it looks when ‘fuller’!

The paper is narrow ruled, which I love! I have sort of small writing, so I really dislike wide-ruled notebooks! Each page is also perforated which is handy!

The leather without the notebook. You can see how the elastics are fastened…

The paper is classed as ’80 gr super smooth uncoated wood free paper’ on the website. That may be 80gsm, but I’m not sure! It feels pretty thick anyway, and is nice to write on!

With these pens, the first two are ballpoints, the next three liquid/gel and the next two are markers (but not ‘permanent markers’!)

You can see that there’s really no show through on most pens – just the Staedtler one! Even that one isn’t too bad.

First impressions? I really like it! I’ll be using this as my ‘outdoor’ notebook. As I’m studying Wildlife & Media, I’m generally outdoors, and I can use this to write down animal notes, photography/video notes etc. I have ordered the Field Notes ‘Expedition’ pack so I also have weatherproof paper!

My Week #21

Quite a boring week really. Have applied for a few jobs – no replies yet!

Will be heading back to Carlisle tomorrow to nip into Uni, sort the last of my things out and to see my photos in the exhibitions on the Sunday coming!

I picked up a couple of things from Paperchase on Saturday, so I’ll be posting about those this week!

Filofax Update…

So I recently noticed that my Filofax just wasn’t working for me – not properly. I had started to write to-do lists (everyday!) in a separate notebook, and my diary just wasn’t getting much use… Anyway, here’s what it looks like now (did some changes), and how I’m getting it to work!

It isn’t stuffed very much, and I still have the same divider in the beginning…

This is a recent addition – I managed to find a cheap plastic wallet and business cards. At the moment they’re holding my train tickets for next week, and a polaroid that I took the other day!

Now here’s my diary, looking quite empty! The pages on the right are my to-do lists from the past week!

So, I decided to make a new section. I used a dotty divider that I’d already made and put in notepaper behind it. This is my to-do section. Hopefully it gets used properly! I currently have 3 days worth of lists in since taking this photo…

Next is my University section which hasn’t changed. I have student details in there, and then this monthly planner from daytimer.

These last two are new dividers that I made last week! The one on the left contains things I need to buy – so currently it has Christmas present ideas on there! The one on the right is for my blog posts… If I think of anything to write up, it’ll be noted there!

I’m still thinking about my 2013 layout… I was going to get the week on one page with notes. Then I can write small appointments in my diary part, and the to-do lists on the notes. However, since I’ve kind of start writing lists every day, I’m now wondering whether it’s worth getting a day on one page layout! Ooh decisions! I really need to try both I think to see which works best for me!

And the filofax is started…

I ordered the Personal Songbird as I found it on Viking at a very low price. This is just a start, as I want to make sure that I do use it and that it would be worth the money. I would eventually like to buy a nice leather one, but those are too expensive right now, for a first Filofax.

Anyway, I am very happy with it so far! It’s pretty, and I think Personal is the perfect size. I would maybe get an A5, but I don’t think I could go smaller.


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