Organising my A5 Original!

I have finally made some A5 dividers for my Original Filofax! I figured I would show my set-up… I am using the A5 as a ‘home’ filofax. My main diary is still in my personal Finsbury, as I just feel like the A5 is too big for me to carry around! This is a very image heavy post! So, onto the sections (and dividers!):

This is the first view inside.

imageI decided to keep the front sheet in for now. I have a sticky note on the fly leaf as a key for the sections. I haven’t written the section name on the tabs, so this is just while I get used to the layout! I have a Frixion pen in the loop, and I also put an inkjoy pen in the other loop but it isn’t shown here! (It will be shown at the end.) In the back pocket, I have these three postcards which I picked up in New Quay in Wales! I really love these! I’ve now decided that I’m going to start collecting postcards from places that I visit… If they sell them of course!

My first section is blog! This is where I can plan things specifically for my blog.

So I’m a nature kind of person… I love birds. I really love this paper! I stuck it onto an A5 piece of card and then added a ‘cork’ paper title background. I picked these papers up in a set, and all my dividers have a similar theme. You can find them here!

Anyway, in this section I first have the notes that I’ve received from companies.

Then I have designed myself a page where I can keep track of product reviews! Behind that, I just have pieces of notepaper where I can jot down blog ideas, and things that need doing!

Next up is my recipes section. I’m wanting to start baking more, so here’s a perfect place to collect good recipes!

I took a photo of this page from one of my Grandma’s old recipe books (mentioned here!) and then printed it onto some paper to stick in!

Click below to read on!

The travel section is next! This hasn’t got a lot in it yet, but I will have two big trips to plan next year at university, so I will be using this a lot! I have to plan my own expedition! (We’re thinking Canada!)

And lastly, notes! In here I have placed some yoga help sheets (with the blue top tab for easy access!) so I can have this in front of me rather than clicking through internet pages! Other than those, this section is just blank pieces of paper for now!

Here I’ve just got a few comparison shots with my personal Finsbury.

imageThe Original looks huge next to it! This is the reason why I couldn’t use the Original as my every day filo… Just look at the difference! I’m so used to using my personal that I don’t think I cope with it! That could change when I go back to university in September, but we’ll see! Maybe I’ll end up using the A5 as it is, but adding a diary? I like the idea of having an A5 for university information, but I just don’t think I’d want to lug it around, as well as having my notebooks/folders/camera etc! Sometimes I do get bored with the black Finsbury, but then I also know that it will match anything! I do love the purple though! I really like the look of the green originals too! And any blue filofax… Ah, colour! I kind of need it at times!

So this is the issue with the inside ‘pen loop’. I don’t know if it is supposed to be used for that… Anyway, the ink joy pens are pretty thin (thinner than the frixion), yet look how the leather is being pulled! I wouldn’t like it to eventually stay out of shape! I don’t think I’ll keep it in here. I may look at adding a pen loop…

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  1. I agree, carrying an A5 around, while they are wonderful, is just too much when they are filled. Unless you know a good chiropractor. 😉

  2. Ah, your made organisation skills and stationery infatuation made me instantly decide to follow you!

  3. That’s a great idea with the yoga movements!! 😀 I definitely should do that. It’ll be easier than carrying a book around. Where did you find those images?


    • Thanks! I just searched for yoga sequences in google images! (Or something similar!) They mostly led to other websites :3


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