Hi-Tec Tian W* Walking Shoe Review – The test.

*I received these walking shoes in exchange for an honest review of the item.

Okay so it has been a couple of weeks now, and I aimed to get this up sooner but I just didn’t use the shoes enough to properly review them in use! The Hi-Tec Tian W walking shoes are available here!

Having been outdoors most of this week, I have been able to get out with them. Anyway, for the most part they are really comfortable. They don’t feel too heavy on your feet, and they are thick enough to protect your feet from feeling every bump on the ground! I did experience a lot of rubbing on my heels though today, and I had socks that were covering my heels. I now have almost-blisters… They’re just a little sore and red.

The grip on the shoe seems to be pretty good. Everything felt fine on wet mud as well as loose soils. I had no problem walking up hills either. Walking through long, wet grass, I didn’t feel any water come through. The shoes turned a darker colour so I imagine they were quite damp on top but that didn’t come through to my socks. I haven’t tested them in heavy rain though!

Looking a little dirty after a morning of trampling around fields and woodland!

After a full day’s outdoor field class.

So all in all, I do quite like this shoe, although I imagine it will take a few wears to properly wear them in… They’re made out of a stiff material so everything is a little rigid. Great for support, but does lower the comfort a little! You can see in the above photo that there is a big crease halfway down This was uncomfortable in the morning as it was pressing against my little toe, but that discomfort seemed to disappear by the time I got to university!

Hi-Tec Website


Inspect a Gadget: Philips Esee HD CAM295BL Camcorder*

I have acquired a Philips Esee HD CAM295BL Camcorder thanks to MoneySupermarket and their ‘Inspect a Gadget’ blogger competition. As the website states:

With summer fast approaching, we’ve been thinking about what gadgets you take on holiday to entertain yourself on long flights or while lazing on the beach. The most popular travel gadgets, like tablets, e readers and MP3 players don’t come cheap, so we’re looking to find great alternatives that will be kind to your bank balance.

I had the choice of 5 different gadgets; Kobo Mini eReader; Sony 4gb MP3; Essentials portable DVD Player with screen; Allwinner tablet and the Philips HD Camcorder. I went for the camcorder. As I’m studying Wildlife and Media, I need to learn how to do videos and editing and all that… I figured this would be a great gadget to review as it fits with my needs.

Philips ESee HD
Philips Esee HD CAM295BL Camcorder @ Expansys

I was given the money to order the camcorder from Expansys. It is priced at £51.99 with a RRP of £99.99 on that website. This is definitely a cheap camcorder, for something that boasts HD videos at 30fps, 12mp/8mp photo resolution, dual record (full HD and internet friendly format at once!) plus much more!


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