My Week #23

Well, it has been a boring week… I have had nothing really to plan, so my Filofax was empty this week! Tw ogood things happened last week – I photographed a kingfisher, and I did the Race for Life! Hopefully next week will be a little more exciting!


My Week #22

This week I did some extra shifts at work, and the Sunday also brought my last shift at Carlisle B&M. (until September!) It was a little strange leaving, knowing that I wouldn’t be back on the Saturday! Will definitely miss the weekenders there.

Not much else happened really. With no uni now until September, I have nothing to do but read, play sims, eat, take photos and now, find more work!

My Filofax collection.

I thought I would show you my collection and just tell you what I use each one for! I own 8 Filofaxes altogether, and not all are ‘properly’ being used, but I have something in each of them! Here’s my shelf… Besides the bright pink (I only got that one because I couldn’t get blue at the time!) you can see that my colours are all quite dark/muted.

Personal Sized

Pink Olympic Line Burst – Green Songbird – Ultra Violet Domino – Green Original – Black Finsbury

So my Olympic just holds the information sheets that came with the organiser. The Songbird contains last year’s diary, and some old note sheets that I thought I might want to go back to. The Domino holds unused notepaper, list pages, dividers, wallets etc. The Original only holds a new 2014 Filofax diary, which I am not actually planning on using… The Finsbury is being used as an address book!

A5 & Pocket Sized

Purple Patent Original – Red Mode

My A5 Original currently holds some recipes and blog information. I have other sections in there but they’re not really being used so it needs sorting out really! The pocket Mode is being used as my ‘expedition planner’ and it’s what I got as part of a project run by Janet at ‘This Bugs Life’.

You may be wondering about the 8th Filofax… I’m sure you’ve all seen my Holborn posts! This is my current favourite, and I can’t see myself moving out of it any time soon. This is my weekly/daily/life.

Staying organised at University with a diary.

imageJanuary is the time to buy a new yearly diary, telling yourself that you will stay organised this year round… By mid-January, that diary lies forgotten and all thoughts of organisation have flown out of the window! Here are some tips that I think are useful when trying to keep a diary.

Finding the right set-up

To make a diary work for you, there are a few different things to think about. What size do you need? If you have big writing, you may need a bigger size to fit everything in. You may want a small one that will easily fit into a small bag. What style of diary do you want? This could be in a hardback form, softback, ring bound, wire bound… There are so many varieties to choose from. Then there’s the actual weekly layout. You can have a day per page, week on one page, week on two pages… All you need is to look around and find the set-up and layout that works for you. This is where a filofax or similar style binder comes in handy – I changed my diary layout so many times last year, but I’ve finally found one that works for me!

Looking ahead

Every week I look at my timetable online, and then write down all lectures in my weekly diary. This means that I know what is happening during the week, and I can make other plans around that. This also fits in with my monthly calendar, as on here I will write down any upcoming deadlines, trips or anything else university related that I need to remember.

Using a colour code

You may have noticed, in the above photos or if you’re a regular visitor on my blog, that I use a colour code. All of my university related diary entries are green. This follows over onto the monthly calendar. Reminders are pink, personal in blue and fitness in purple. When glancing at my diary, I can immediately find what I need as the colour stands out. This is made easy with a 4-colour pen. If you look in most stationery shops, you will find them! I’ve used Bic and Papermate, and currently Papermate is the one I use!

For me, these three things are a great help to staying organised at university. My Filofax has been a great help in planning everything out, keeping track of my deadlines and seeing what times I have free. As long as you write everything in (which doesn’t take long!) you’ll always have something to refer to. It’s also a good idea to write down contact details for lecturers (if needed) or opening times for places such as the library so that information is always accessible.

Check out The Student Link Up

The Student Link-Up

Monthly pages

I finally got around to printing myself some monthly pages, and I downloaded them from DIYfish. I was going to design my own, but I just haven’t had much time to think about doing something like that, and I really like these ones anyway!

These pages are in my ‘uni’ section, as I will mainly be using them for deadlines and important uni dates. I will probably add in other dates too – like when my boyfriend comes to visit! Not very busy this month, but I have got Wild Photos at the end of this week, so expect a post about that next week! I’m travelling alone, but I’m definitely looking forward to going!

My Week #35

I tried a different week layout, and having liked it I decided to make my own! This one (by DIY FISH) was great, but I wanted a few parts to be different. You’ll see my own insert next week!

I have also moved into my new university flat, and I will do a little post on that and my room!

My Filofax Pros & Cons

Now I am sure there are many posts like this floating around the internet, but I wanted to make a list of my personal pros and cons of using a filofax compared to a bound diary! Of course, this includes all binders, and not just Filofax.

A Filofax will never run out of battery! For me, relying on my phone isn’t a great idea. I’d be worried about the battery getting drained, and then not having information that I need! Also, my phone just kind of sucks.

Having no internet connection isn’t a problem. You never have to rely on having good internet connection or being able to get wi-fi! I went on holiday in July, and our cabin could not connect to the wi-fi on the holiday ‘camp’. I didn’t want to use all my mobile data, so it was a good job that I had previously written all post codes and places, that we may need once we were there, in my filofax!

Organised mum inserts

Business card holders

Yoga Pose information sheets

You always have the option of changing your binder, or swapping your diary layout without having to lose any previous information. You can just place the pages into the new binder! This also makes it easier to archive all your notes/diaries in case you want to go back to them!

It is completely customisable. You can choose a binder that fits you, with the right pockets/size and all that. Once you have it, there are various diary inserts available in shops, and you also have the choice to make your own! You can download many cute inserts for free online, such as to-do lists, grocery lists, weight planning, chores list, planning pages etc.

You can add in whatever sections you want! For example, list pages and notes. For my A5 I have made myself some yoga pose information sheets for easy access!

You can also add in plastic wallets and credit card wallets to keep hold of important and loose bits!

Personal and an A5

You have to carrying them around, and they can get ‘bulky’. The pocket/mini/compacts are designed to be more ‘portable’ I suppose, but for me the personal is more practical in size. It’s a little bigger, and won’t fit in small handbags because of that. A5s to me just seem huge! I could never lug an A5 around. (Maybe take it to a university lecture if it’s on campus.)

Inserts are an awkward size if you don’t use A5. They’re still do-able, but you can’t really buy personal sized inserts in shops. Paper doesn’t come in that size so you always have to cut it down. I’m not sure about pockets or minis, but I would imagine they are the same!

(Not) lying flat

Pen Loop

Not all Filofaxes lie flat straight away which can make it awkward to write in. Both my Originals lay flat straight away, but my Finsbury definitely didn’t! In the photo, you can see how it sticks up still!

– For some reason, I’ve always had problems with the pen loops. I use a bic four colour, so it is a bigger pen, and most loops feel quite tight with it! With my A5 Original, the inside pen loop makes the pocket stick up (as seen in the photo – the other loop is fine with a Frixion, I think!) In my songbird, the elastic loop started to break and the fabric was peeling away. In my Finsbury I couldn’t fit the pen in as it was a leather loop – just stuck the ‘handle’ bit in instead.

So there you have it, just a few of my pros/cons of using a Filofax!

My Week #33

Hopefully my weeks start to get a bit more interesting when I start back at university…

In love with the Original! – Personal Green

Filofax A5 Original Green

Yep, I now own a green Original Filofax in personal size! I’ve been wanting some colour for ages, as the black Finsbury is just boring me a little. This green is such a nice colour, and of course the original leather is lovely!

imageI bought this off someone as almost new. Used for two months, but you can’t tell! It’s in perfect condition. It also lies pretty flat upon opening it, and will be flat once I open to my diary. It is quite dark, but also bright at the same time. It adds a lovely dash of colour without being too in your face (yes, I’m looking at you fluoro pink original! 😉 hahah!)

So I only did a set-up update quite recently, but here it is again… I think I may make a new first page. As much as I love my Harry Potter one, I feel like I need a change! I think I’ve had that for over a year! (Saying that, this will be my first ‘new’ daily filofax in almost a year!)

The pen set-up is only temporary. I’m going to order a pen loop for my four-colour, as it is so big. Currently I’m putting the ‘handle’ bit in the loop so it can sit outside of the pages (as can be seen in the last photo!)

So first I just have a couple of wallets with random bits in there.

Then it’s my notepaper!

I have my diary after that, but I’m leaving that out of this post! At the back I have more wallets with sticky notes, stickers, random cards and a photo of my Grandad in there (:

I’m not sure I will be keeping this notepad in, as I don’t think I will use it… Might just ‘trial’ it!

Slimming down the filofax!

I have taken all of the random bits out of my filofax and have just left the important bits. I realised that it was getting chunky, and I wasn’t actually using a lot of it! Now it feels a lot lighter, and is ready for my next week! Starting Monday, I have a weeks placement at my local newspaper. I feel like my filofax will definitely come in handy for remembering things and jotting things down!

Much thinner! Using only two dividers, instead of around 5, makes a massive difference!

So first I have a list sticky note, and a clear plastic wallet. Here I can quickly write lists, and keep loose papers.

With my work placement in mind, I have put the notes section at the front. This gives quicker access when I need it!

I do still have my books to-read list! I still haven’t finished all the Sherlock books yet though…

Next up is my diary. It’s actually a lot better having the diary near the back, so I think I’ll keep it like this!

And finally at the back I have another two wallets holding stickers and sticky notes. (I have added some washi tape papers to this!)

Oh and here’s Charlie. Found her lazing around when I went outside to take photos!

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