Updated Filofax tabs.

A month or so ago, I posted about using my Motex embosser to label my divider tabs. All good in theory, but not great in practise! I should have used some sort of clear tape to cover the labels I think, because pretty soon they were sliding about and disappearing. You may have noticed in a couple of my ‘My Week‘ posts…

I decided that it was about time I got it sorted. I still had my ‘finance’ tab on show, and the information behind that tab was actually blog-related! To sort it out, I binned my beloved martha stewart sticky tabs (i need to find more!) and made new tabs out of card and washi tape. It was really easy – all I did was cut five tab shapes from the card, wrap them in washi and then glue/tape to the dividers that I already had. Then I just used a black pen to write on the labels. It looks so much neater now!

They’re not quite in line; I thought I’d stuck them on equally spaced, but photo evidence shows differently. Nevertheless, they’re working for me right now!


Keeping organised on travels!

Well, as you may have read/seen online, I am heading off to Finland! This trip is a university self-led expedition, and I’m going with two others in my group. Our aim of the trip is to see and photograph/film bears. However, I’m also hoping to see lots of other wildlife, get some nice landscapes/starscapes and some timelapse videos! The second half (or ‘alf – as I said in my expectations video!) will take us up to Rovaniemi, which is just on the edge of the Arctic Circle. It’s not very likely mid-April, but I am kind of hoping to see the Northern Lights! Let’s hope they’re feeling generous 😉

Right now, I am making my way down to London, ready for the early flight on Wednesday morning!

Anyway, over the past 6 months or so I’ve been using a pocket mode Filofax to plan this expedition, and it will be coming with me! (Thanks to Janet @ This Bugs Life! – The Filofax Project)

One of the main tabs in the filofax will of course be the ‘important’ tab. Here I’m writing down things like my passport info, insurance info, emergency contacts and the like… Just in case!

Under my travel tab I have written down every step of my travel. So I have all the times, the places I’m going and the places I will be next… I feel so much more comfortable travelling when I can look at something and see all the times at a glance! On the other side of this page has the travel information for when I’m actually in Finland.

The itinerary section has a piece of notepaper with the general plans, and behind the empty timetable I also have some WO2P diary pages so I can write what we’re doing each day.

And finally, I have my passport in the pocket, my train tickets to London and also have my EHIC card in the plastic wallet on the left!

All organised with the important information all written down… I think I’m ready!

My Week #15

Had a nice week back at home, then two long days at work… And I’m off to Finland in three days! There will be a post up about that on Tuesday!

My Week #14

Well, this week has been a little strange. I’ve been feeling busy, but I haven’t really had a lot to do… Doesn’t help that my ribs have been hurting all week though! I’ve pulled something, bruised the muscle or possibly even cracked a rib. Who knows? All I know is that it’s really painful!

I tried to do some prettier writing, and I’m definitely going to try some more aha. I quite like how it looks! Also picked up camera equipment for my expedition. I have the Canon 7D and a 24mm lens to play with – they’re awesome! I’m really hoping to upgrade my 500D to a 7D. Possibly the (rumoured!) new one! It’s only 9 days until my expedition now, and I really can’t wait! Anyone ever been to the north of Finland? I’m talking about the ‘wilder’ areas, and the Arctic Circle hahah.

Other happy news – I’m going home tonight! Can’t wait to have a rest at home and see my family!

Motex Embosser

You may remember my birthday post where I mentioned the Motex embosser that I bought… I decided to use it today on my Filofax dividers as I had to cover up some text!

washi tape, filofax

You may also remember me saying that I was keeping a finance section in my filofax… That has now disappeared. I just wasn’t using it and I figured it was a waste of space. Instead, I have set up a blog section. I needed somewhere to jot down blog post ideas and to keep track of things. Now I needed the embosser stickers because I realised that I had none of the yellow martha stewart tabs left! I had to re-use the one that I had written ‘finance’ onto.

washi tape, filofax

I designed the divider to match my others, and chose butterflies because I just love them!

washi tape, filofax

I found these inserts online, and thought they fit in well with what I needed! I’m using the blogging plan at the moment to keep track of the books that I have to review!

washi tape, filofax

washi tape, filofax

I’m a little unsure about the tab stickers at the moment – the black just seems really harsh. I need to get some more colours!

Filofax tip: Carrying washi tape.

Last week I really needed to add some things into my diary, and I didn’t have my colour coding tape to do it. Disaster, I know! Hahah. Anyway, I’ve seen this done before and I figured it was a great idea… Now I have the colours that I need on a little piece of plastic and they fit easily into the business card wallet at the back of my Filofax.

washi tape, filofax

washi tape, filofax

Not everyone colour codes, but if you do this is a lot easier than carrying lots of pens around! I’ve been debating getting rid of my 4-colour pen but I know as soon as I do I’ll want it again!

My Filofax collection.

I thought I would show you my collection and just tell you what I use each one for! I own 8 Filofaxes altogether, and not all are ‘properly’ being used, but I have something in each of them! Here’s my shelf… Besides the bright pink (I only got that one because I couldn’t get blue at the time!) you can see that my colours are all quite dark/muted.

Personal Sized

Pink Olympic Line Burst – Green Songbird – Ultra Violet Domino – Green Original – Black Finsbury

So my Olympic just holds the information sheets that came with the organiser. The Songbird contains last year’s diary, and some old note sheets that I thought I might want to go back to. The Domino holds unused notepaper, list pages, dividers, wallets etc. The Original only holds a new 2014 Filofax diary, which I am not actually planning on using… The Finsbury is being used as an address book!

A5 & Pocket Sized

Purple Patent Original – Red Mode

My A5 Original currently holds some recipes and blog information. I have other sections in there but they’re not really being used so it needs sorting out really! The pocket Mode is being used as my ‘expedition planner’ and it’s what I got as part of a project run by Janet at ‘This Bugs Life’.

You may be wondering about the 8th Filofax… I’m sure you’ve all seen my Holborn posts! This is my current favourite, and I can’t see myself moving out of it any time soon. This is my weekly/daily/life.

Colour-coding with Washi.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had received some thin washi tapes that I had ordered. They’re actually more of a pastel colour than I had imagined, but I do like them! Some colours are a bit too light (like the first green!) and I won’t be using them for colour coding. I actually don’t have enough things to colour code at the moment but I suppose there’s gaps just in case! Saying that, I’ve just decided that the green above the ‘uni’ one can be for my volunteering. It’s usually with university, so that fits with the green, but the different shade will allow me to differentiate them… Awesome! (And they’re also the wrong way round on the page – argh!)

washi tape, washiwashi tape, washi

You’ll see this colour coding in effect in my ‘My Week’ post on Sunday.

Staying organised at University with a diary.

imageJanuary is the time to buy a new yearly diary, telling yourself that you will stay organised this year round… By mid-January, that diary lies forgotten and all thoughts of organisation have flown out of the window! Here are some tips that I think are useful when trying to keep a diary.

Finding the right set-up

To make a diary work for you, there are a few different things to think about. What size do you need? If you have big writing, you may need a bigger size to fit everything in. You may want a small one that will easily fit into a small bag. What style of diary do you want? This could be in a hardback form, softback, ring bound, wire bound… There are so many varieties to choose from. Then there’s the actual weekly layout. You can have a day per page, week on one page, week on two pages… All you need is to look around and find the set-up and layout that works for you. This is where a filofax or similar style binder comes in handy – I changed my diary layout so many times last year, but I’ve finally found one that works for me!

Looking ahead

Every week I look at my timetable online, and then write down all lectures in my weekly diary. This means that I know what is happening during the week, and I can make other plans around that. This also fits in with my monthly calendar, as on here I will write down any upcoming deadlines, trips or anything else university related that I need to remember.

Using a colour code

You may have noticed, in the above photos or if you’re a regular visitor on my blog, that I use a colour code. All of my university related diary entries are green. This follows over onto the monthly calendar. Reminders are pink, personal in blue and fitness in purple. When glancing at my diary, I can immediately find what I need as the colour stands out. This is made easy with a 4-colour pen. If you look in most stationery shops, you will find them! I’ve used Bic and Papermate, and currently Papermate is the one I use!

For me, these three things are a great help to staying organised at university. My Filofax has been a great help in planning everything out, keeping track of my deadlines and seeing what times I have free. As long as you write everything in (which doesn’t take long!) you’ll always have something to refer to. It’s also a good idea to write down contact details for lecturers (if needed) or opening times for places such as the library so that information is always accessible.

Check out The Student Link Up

The Student Link-Up

My 2014 set up – so far!

Well, I finally got some nice paper, bought some white card and printed out my diary pages/dividers. I made my dividers yesterday, but when I finished I had run out of natural light in which to take photos in! Not a fan of using indoor lighting at night, as it doesn’t give very pleasing images… Anyway, here’s my set-up so far!

Warning, this is a very picture heavy post!
I would also like to add one thing. I have noticed that a few of my images are on pinterest. Now the ones I have seen all link to my blog, so thank you for that. Please do not pin any image of mine, without linking back to the page and my blog.

personal holborn filofax brown

Here is what I see when I open my Holborn. Quite simple – I kept the divider that I was previously using in the front. I don’t have many cards in the pockets yet, just a WHSmith giftcard, university student finance numbers and my RSPB membership cards. Also have two 10% off vouchers for The Works and some stickies. My tabs are also quite simple and I do have room for one more (if needed). I didn’t have this many tabs in my last set-up, but I think this is going to work quite well. My Filofax feels a little more ‘stuffed’ now and it just feels better than before!

First up is the notes tab. Here I just have lined paper for random notes, nothing special! On the left is a plastic wallet which I taped a photo onto. That will just hold bits and bobs like tickets.

Next up is my monthly pages. Now in my last set-up I didn’t really use month pages. This time I am going to try to use them regularly. I can jot down any deadlines, birthdays, plans and see them at a glance.

I should add that I bought printables from DIYFish and these are what I’m using for my monthly and weekly diaries! Here’s the current month!

My weekly diary pages! Haven’t taken a photo of my week because you can see the layout in my previous ‘My Week’ post, and I will also be posting it at the end of the week!

Lists comes next, and this is where I will just make lists… I like having lists!

The first thing in my lists section is my resolutions insert.

I’ve kept the list pages that I designed some time last year.

This year I decided that I was going to track everything that I buy. This way I can see what I’m wasting spending my money on. I made a simple insert for this. I seem to have spent a lot in a few days, but I did have to buy printer ink!

At the back I just have some plastic wallets which hold a few stickers, tapes, library cards and photos. The piece of paper in the back (which was annoying me when I realised that it was there after taking the photos!) is just my timesheet for work.

So, there it is! I am hoping to keep this set-up for a while. I finally feel like I’ve got something that works well for me. How are you all getting on with your diaries?

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