My new ‘creative corner’.

As I live away at university, my bedroom at home isn’t very ‘me’ at the moment. I moved into this room in August 2013 (after my sister had moved out into her new house!) and then went back to university in the same month! My parents then repainted the room and put in new carpet. As a result, I haven’t really been here to personalise it!

I’m still in the midst of bringing all my important bits back, and that will be done by the end of June. I’m only really missing clothing/shoes and a bit of stationery stuff really. Nothing else is that ‘important’.

To get to the point of the post, this is what my current ‘creative corner’ looks like:

It’s a mess, right? Paper, tapes, stickers and more just dumped on the floor and on that chair. Well, due to the huge TV in my room (inherited from my Granddad) I didn’t have a desk. You can see it slightly in the photo below. I had quite a bit of floor space right in front of my window, and the lighting is lovely there!

Now I knew that we had a spare desk knocking about the house somewhere, and figured I would steal that! After locating it in the shed, and giving it a good wipe, my mum and I lugged it into my room so I could use it. We swapped the two desks around in my room, just because the one with the TV on it had drawers. The second desk in my room means I have less floor space, but it also means that I have an actual desk top to use! (Hello Charlie)

So, this is my ‘creative corner’ now, and I have plenty of room to be creative. I’m sure it’ll hold my laptop at various points in the day too. The one downside to this desk is that it’s not very wide at all!

I’ve also decided to use this wheely boxy thingy (what is it called?) to keep my craft stash for now. It fits under my desk, and I can also use it as a footrest. Win/win situation! As I don’t have that much stuff, it all fits nicely! All my papers/stickers are in the side pocket, besides a pack of 12×12 which of course don’t fit! They’re shoved down the side of my desk instead. Glue/tape/scissors and the like are in the bottom drawer, and all small stickers, journalling cards and other small bits are in the top section. I also have a few big post-its and all my washi tape in the actual desk drawers.

It’s nice to finally have a good space again instead of doing my SMASH book on my bed… I’ve been missing my desk in Carlisle!


My portable office.

Having tidied up my desk, I thought I would show how I work. My basic set-up is just my laptop, with my Filofax nearby and usually a notebook if I’m doing work. Most of the time I will have the tv on for background noise but I will sometimes attach it to my laptop through a VGA cable. (Currently catching up on The Originals!)

Now my laptop is of course portable, and occasionally I will take it with me into university so I can do work/blog or whatever else I need to do. It can be annoying however, as my laptop doesn’t fit into any bags other than my dedicated laptop bag – of which is bulky and makes carrying other items awkward! This is where my phone comes in!

I recently upgraded (meaning, last October…) to a Sony Xperia SP, and no, it isn’t the latest, hottest phone out there, but it does the job. I love being on android, and I wouldn’t switch to iOS for anything!

When I unlock my phone, my ‘default’ screen shows all of my most used apps – Email, Messaging, Calendar, Camera, Chrome, Instagram, Facebook, TweetCaster, Albums and Phone. This screen shows my social networks mostly. The second screen is where more useful apps, as well as blogging-related apps are located for easy access. Settings, Orange account, Maps, WordPress, Bloglovin’, Dropbox, Music and National Rail. Also on my phone I have an office program, Google+, Goodreads, Amazon/Ebay, Pinterest and an awesome app which tells me TV program scheduling!

This works for me as a portable office because, from a few apps, I can access almost everything I need very easily.

National Rail have a brilliant app. From this you can see live departures/arrivals and check journey times. It’s always good to see whether your train is running late! I think every phone will have a Maps app – I always use this to see how far places are to walk to. I also use the ‘On Air’ app a lot, as I’m forever checking to see what’s on TV.

Social networking:
Emails are obvious – I have both my personal and university email saved onto my phone. TweetCaster and Facebook allow me to stay up to date with what’s going on in the internet world. Fact: if something happens, I usually find it out from twitter.

I have my dropbox which gives access to all the files that I hold in there. I use it mainly for university work, and it’s really helpful when I’m out and about and I need to check something! I also have the Blackboard app, and those in university will understand how helpful that can be. Blackboard is used for any announcements/updates with modules. The office program allows me to download and open documents that a lecturer may email to me – my most checked document right now is the bus timetable for Tuesdays.

The WordPress app allows me to get onto my dashboard, access notifications/posts/subscribed blogs etc. I can use this app to write up a post when I’m out, and save it as a draft for later. Another great one is the Bloglovin’ app. If I’m bored and have forgotten a book, I just get out my phone and catch up on unread blog posts. Pinterest is also good for ideas.

Now anyone who reads my blog will know that I am a paper planner kind of person… I still am. All my planning and reminders get written down. My phone just helps me to get work done and then later access it on my laptop, or just cures a bit of boredom! If I’m not doing something on my laptop, I’m usually doing something on my phone.

*This has been an entry for the #PortableOffice competition run by Currys.

Staying organised at University with a diary.

imageJanuary is the time to buy a new yearly diary, telling yourself that you will stay organised this year round… By mid-January, that diary lies forgotten and all thoughts of organisation have flown out of the window! Here are some tips that I think are useful when trying to keep a diary.

Finding the right set-up

To make a diary work for you, there are a few different things to think about. What size do you need? If you have big writing, you may need a bigger size to fit everything in. You may want a small one that will easily fit into a small bag. What style of diary do you want? This could be in a hardback form, softback, ring bound, wire bound… There are so many varieties to choose from. Then there’s the actual weekly layout. You can have a day per page, week on one page, week on two pages… All you need is to look around and find the set-up and layout that works for you. This is where a filofax or similar style binder comes in handy – I changed my diary layout so many times last year, but I’ve finally found one that works for me!

Looking ahead

Every week I look at my timetable online, and then write down all lectures in my weekly diary. This means that I know what is happening during the week, and I can make other plans around that. This also fits in with my monthly calendar, as on here I will write down any upcoming deadlines, trips or anything else university related that I need to remember.

Using a colour code

You may have noticed, in the above photos or if you’re a regular visitor on my blog, that I use a colour code. All of my university related diary entries are green. This follows over onto the monthly calendar. Reminders are pink, personal in blue and fitness in purple. When glancing at my diary, I can immediately find what I need as the colour stands out. This is made easy with a 4-colour pen. If you look in most stationery shops, you will find them! I’ve used Bic and Papermate, and currently Papermate is the one I use!

For me, these three things are a great help to staying organised at university. My Filofax has been a great help in planning everything out, keeping track of my deadlines and seeing what times I have free. As long as you write everything in (which doesn’t take long!) you’ll always have something to refer to. It’s also a good idea to write down contact details for lecturers (if needed) or opening times for places such as the library so that information is always accessible.

Check out The Student Link Up

The Student Link-Up

My Week #39

Well, as mentioned in a previous post, I had a very busy week last week… Lots of new information being given and lots of walking done! My boyfriend came for the weekend and it was lovely! Though I seem to have caught a bad cold off my classmates! They were all ill, and now I’m ill. Feeling terrible!

My Week #37

A little boring this week!

Organising my A5 Original!

I have finally made some A5 dividers for my Original Filofax! I figured I would show my set-up… I am using the A5 as a ‘home’ filofax. My main diary is still in my personal Finsbury, as I just feel like the A5 is too big for me to carry around! This is a very image heavy post! So, onto the sections (and dividers!):

This is the first view inside.

imageI decided to keep the front sheet in for now. I have a sticky note on the fly leaf as a key for the sections. I haven’t written the section name on the tabs, so this is just while I get used to the layout! I have a Frixion pen in the loop, and I also put an inkjoy pen in the other loop but it isn’t shown here! (It will be shown at the end.) In the back pocket, I have these three postcards which I picked up in New Quay in Wales! I really love these! I’ve now decided that I’m going to start collecting postcards from places that I visit… If they sell them of course!

My first section is blog! This is where I can plan things specifically for my blog.

So I’m a nature kind of person… I love birds. I really love this paper! I stuck it onto an A5 piece of card and then added a ‘cork’ paper title background. I picked these papers up in a set, and all my dividers have a similar theme. You can find them here!

Anyway, in this section I first have the notes that I’ve received from companies.

Then I have designed myself a page where I can keep track of product reviews! Behind that, I just have pieces of notepaper where I can jot down blog ideas, and things that need doing!

Next up is my recipes section. I’m wanting to start baking more, so here’s a perfect place to collect good recipes!

I took a photo of this page from one of my Grandma’s old recipe books (mentioned here!) and then printed it onto some paper to stick in!

Click below to read on!

Filofax treats! (All the way from the US!)

I’m part of a group online, and this month we had a secret swap… Each person taking part got a person, a list of their likes/dislikes and then we had to put together a little package for them! (All stationery related of course!)

Now isn’t my package pretty! I love this pattern on the envelope!

And here are my goodies! I love them all – it’s quite difficult to pick a favourite thing!

These ‘mobile’ post-its are super cool, and I’ve never seen them before! They seem like they would be very useful… I’m thinking I’ll stick these on my keys! I always see the Martha Stewart things online – our Staples doesn’t seem to have as much stuff! (Or at least, the ones near me!) The notebook tabs are cool too, I’m thinking of pairing these with my flex! Seems like they’d be good for revision.

So these stickers are probably my favourite… They’re so damn cute! Ah, I love them so much.

Two little plastic wallets! Love the colours, and these will definitely be useful! Also ove the cute paperclips! :3

These post-it notes are cool too! I’ve never seen these either! Post-it usually just does plain colours as far as I’m aware… These are pretty!

And a little notebook in a case, with a pen and the left side has a little pocket too! I like the perforated pages on this! And I got a nice little message!

I’ve realised that I haven’t photographed everything close up… There’s also the little gem decorative stickers, more post-its and some more cute animal stickers!

So yep, I got a very good secret swap, and I am very happy!

New treats!

Here are the items that Imy sent me! They’re so cute! I love the selection of stickers – I actually hardly have any myself!

And I just found out that I’m a 2013 World Book Night giver! So I’ll do a post on that sometime next week!

Notebooks and Jotpads…

As part of my Ecology assignments, I have to create a ‘Practical Notebook’. This includes writing about every field trip that we go on, and getting every detail down. I knew that these Rhodia notebooks were in Rymans at £1.99, and figured they’d be great! I bought two – just in case! I think one would probably be enough though. The notebook fits into the a5 flex perfectly, and this is great because the cover offers protection for when I’m in the great outdoors! 😉
I also discovered these jotpads, and they fit perfectly into my a5 flex. Stupidly, I forgot to take a photo of that… The paper seems to be quite ‘cheap’ but I figured it’d be fine for writing lists – which would be my primary use. They cost 69p each, or three for £1…

I also got the good news back about my Biodiversity I.D Test results! I got 88 out of a possible 100, so I’m guessing that’s 80%!

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