My Week #21

I had a great time back at home this past week. Watched The Wind Rises with Phillip, as well as eating some good food and bouldering. My arms were still aching yesterday, after not climbing for around a year! Also visited Blackpool Zoo on the Wednesday and that was fun. Now I’m back in Carlisle and doing some short shifts at work throughout the week… The rest of the time will be spent relaxing!


My Week #15

Had a nice week back at home, then two long days at work… And I’m off to Finland in three days! There will be a post up about that on Tuesday!

My Week #14

Well, this week has been a little strange. I’ve been feeling busy, but I haven’t really had a lot to do… Doesn’t help that my ribs have been hurting all week though! I’ve pulled something, bruised the muscle or possibly even cracked a rib. Who knows? All I know is that it’s really painful!

I tried to do some prettier writing, and I’m definitely going to try some more aha. I quite like how it looks! Also picked up camera equipment for my expedition. I have the Canon 7D and a 24mm lens to play with – they’re awesome! I’m really hoping to upgrade my 500D to a 7D. Possibly the (rumoured!) new one! It’s only 9 days until my expedition now, and I really can’t wait! Anyone ever been to the north of Finland? I’m talking about the ‘wilder’ areas, and the Arctic Circle hahah.

Other happy news – I’m going home tonight! Can’t wait to have a rest at home and see my family!

What’s happening?

Eat, work, sleep, repeat. These past two weeks have just gone so slowly, yet I have been so busy. If I’m not at university in lectures, I’m out filming for an assignment or in work. I haven’t had much time to just ‘be’, and I’m really looking forward to this assignment being handed in on Friday, and then going home on the 10th! In that time, I’m hoping to get a few posts drafted up. I’m also hoping to write a lot more book reviews in the near future. I have so many new books that I need to read, and I’m going to try to review as many as I can.

In the mean time, here’s a glance at my last week or so…

Discovered that the River Eden had flooded Rickerby park last week – the whole area had just turned into a massive river. // Started reading The Wind in The Willows, finally! // Cleared my desk and it’s actually still clear!

Finished and handed in my Animal Behaviour assignment. // Watched the Oscars last night on a live stream for the first time! Though going to bed at 5am after a full day of work, and having to get up at 8:30am on Monday morning was not a good idea. // Had a well deserved Nandos with friends yesterday, after doing a lot of editing!

My Week #9

I feel like I haven’t stopped all week, even though Wednesday was a completely lazy day. I didn’t go to the (voluntary!) sessions – I felt too tired and achy! I just lay in bed for a while and then did my AB work! I had my Animal Behaviour assignment deadline last Friday and I’m a little scared now that I’ve handed it in!

Our media project deadline is this Friday, and I just can’t wait for it to be over! This week will be an editing week – I’m just so glad that I don’t actually have to do much. We can sit down and edit videos/do the write up… I don’t have to be outside filming! Such a relief.

Work was super busy today, completely non-stop on the tills for about two hours from when we opened, and then just busy right up until closing time. Everything aches!

One week to go until I get to go home for a few days! So looking forward to it… I miss Manchester and Wigan/Leigh. Yes, I really do.

My Week #7

Well, here you can see my new washi tape! I’ve decided that the tape will be used for things that are happening at specific times – work, uni lectures, appointments etc. Anything else will be written in using the colour code with my 4 colour pen. I like it because I can see the main things at a glance.

Already planning out next week and it’s looking to be a busy one!

Colour-coding with Washi.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had received some thin washi tapes that I had ordered. They’re actually more of a pastel colour than I had imagined, but I do like them! Some colours are a bit too light (like the first green!) and I won’t be using them for colour coding. I actually don’t have enough things to colour code at the moment but I suppose there’s gaps just in case! Saying that, I’ve just decided that the green above the ‘uni’ one can be for my volunteering. It’s usually with university, so that fits with the green, but the different shade will allow me to differentiate them… Awesome! (And they’re also the wrong way round on the page – argh!)

washi tape, washiwashi tape, washi

You’ll see this colour coding in effect in my ‘My Week’ post on Sunday.

My Week #1

Well I was debating about re-starting this, and I’ve decided to keep going. I am however starting from 1 again though, so it will have 2014 in the tags! (Will have to tag all last year’s weeks with 2013…)

Anyway, first week in new inserts, although not on the nice paper yet. (That’s next week!) Really liking this layout, and I will hopefully stick with it for the year! Had a very quiet New Year’s Eve – went to the carvery for a meal, and then just watched a couple of films before watching the countdown!

I’m already back in Carlisle as I had work this weekend. Assignment due on the 10th, and then back to university on the 14th! Looking forward to starting again – can’t wait to start Animal Behaviour!

My Week #50

Well this week has been quite busy… as usual 😉 I’ve finished my Literature Review (deadline next Friday!) and I’m starting my storyboard assignment (deadline early January!) Also went on a residential trip with uni. Managed to get a nice night sky timelapse! It was quite cloudy, but looks pretty cool anyway… Sadly not many stars!

Here’s a crappy video of me scrolling through the photos on my camera xD

And this week…

Also, I have decided that I’m not going to bother making my own inserts for 2014. I’m on a mission to find a pretty diary that I can take apart to use in my filofax… and I just bought myself a personal Holborn for Christmas! I figured I deserved it after working so much :3

My Week #49

Well, this week was just exhausting! I just didn’t really relax all week, and I still feel tired! Home for a few days – will be putting the Christmas tree up tonight – and then back into uni/work. I can’t wait for Christmas and the 2 weeks off!

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