Life of Kitty has moved!

If you’re following my blog through bloglovin’, do not worry! I had all my followers moved over, and you should be following the new link already. (You should actually be reading this on the new site!)

So yes, I am finally self-hosted! After having this blog for three years (although with a different URL originally) I decided that it’s about time I took the plunge. I know that I’ll keep on blogging, and quite frankly, I just wanted more freedom! I have plans to design my own layout eventually, but the basic one will do for now. I’m actually quite impressed with how quickly I got my head around image mapping – I’ve done both the header and the sidebar images! Also pleased to get all my links working quite quickly. However, if you do find a link that isn’t going to the right place please do let me know! It would also be great to hear about the speed of my blog – are the photos loading up okay?

Next up is to learn more about SEO. Any tips for me?


My Wedding Scrapbook

Yep, you read that right… And no, I’m not planning on getting married any time soon! No matter what age you are, everyone loves to plan their wedding, right?! (Are you reading this Phillip? xD)

Now the most important thing to me is actually the photographs… Doing some photography myself (though not portraits!) I just know I’m going to be so picky and only want the best. I know that I want more of a documentary/journalistic/reportage (whatever you want to call it!) style. Anyway, for good photographs, I need a pretty wedding!

Isn’t this book arch super cool! I really love the ‘natural’ themes and I would probably try to stick to something neat and simple like this. I was looking on Pinterest specifically for this, to see rooms that I liked… I really love the idea of a barn conversion room. They look so pretty, and of course fit in with the natural theme! Nothing too fancy! Plus somewhere with my windows like this would give lovely lighting for photographs! 😉

washi tape, filofaxwashi tape, filofax

And then you get all the little decorations. Sweets! Everyone loves a good bag of sweets, right? I also really like the idea of having little advice cards! Not sure what you could do with them… Maybe a little scrapbook or something? I really love both of these flowers – they’re so pretty and simple. Also really like the idea of having random snaps that the guests take themselves. The idea of having a little thank you on the cutlery or seat is a lovely keepsake. Plus, it means you’re thanking them for coming there and then! The glasses also look cute, I just couldn’t resist.

washi tape, filofaxwashi tape, filofax

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are also pretty important… I myself love dark blues, purple and maybe even a dark forest green. Also love how the grey suit looks with these colours! The blue in these photos is lovely! Finally – the wedding dress! I want something simple and classy. Nothing too big or ‘princessy’. I really love how lace looks on wedding dresses, and I’d definitely go for something sleeved. Not sure about long or short sleeved, but I really don’t want anything strapless! The back on the right photo is so pretty!

washi tape, filofaxwashi tape, filofax

It’s never too early to start planning…

This is a competition post. Thanks to Ox Pasture Hall Hotel.

My Wedding Scrapbook – How To Enter

Create your own ‘Wedding Scrapbook’ post and you could win a 2 Night Luxury Break for Two in a Suite at the stunning Ox Pasture Hall Hotel in North Yorkshire, including Dinner, Bed & Breakfast, Cream Tea on arrival & other little treats – worth up to £800!

Excludes Christmas & New Year – available any other time, subject to availability

All you have to do to enter is write a post entitled ‘My Wedding Scrapbook’. Your post should include all the aspects you believe make a dream wedding and can feature words, images, photos and sketches – in fact anything you would put in a real life scrap book.

Once you’ve written your post, make sure you add these ‘how to enter’ instructions as they appear here at the foot of your post and then tweet a link to it from your Twitter profile including the hashtag #myweddingscrapbook.

Two runners up prizes of a £100 and a £50 Love2shop gift vouchers will also be given to the 2nd place & 3rd place post respectively. The winner will be the most inspirational post, as chosen by the judges. Competition closes midnight 31 March 2014. Winners will be chosen and notified by email using the contact details on their blog within 10 working days of the competition closing.

Home comforts.

Living away from home at University is great. You’re finally independent, you experience new things and it just makes you grow as a person. However, sometimes, you just want to be at home. It’s hard to make a university town feel like home when you’re missing half of your belongings and you don’t have any family near! I love Carlisle and I’d quite happily stay there – if the rest of my family came up to join me! I’ve been at home since Monday, and will be heading back to Carlisle tomorrow. It has been nice to just spend time with my boyfriend and the rest of my family, despite how little time I’ve had!

My mum had left these flowers in my room for when I got back – how lovely!

I do miss Charlie when I’m away.

I miss having an actual bookshelf in my room when I’m in Carlisle… The green book is one I re-discovered yesterday and contains writing ideas/prompts. Will definitely be looking to it for ideas.

Today I went into town with my mum, and we had a nice little walk around the park. It’s finally beginning to feel like spring. I saw my first bumblebee of 2014!

Anyone else get a little homesick at university? How do you cope with being away from home?

What’s happening?

Eat, work, sleep, repeat. These past two weeks have just gone so slowly, yet I have been so busy. If I’m not at university in lectures, I’m out filming for an assignment or in work. I haven’t had much time to just ‘be’, and I’m really looking forward to this assignment being handed in on Friday, and then going home on the 10th! In that time, I’m hoping to get a few posts drafted up. I’m also hoping to write a lot more book reviews in the near future. I have so many new books that I need to read, and I’m going to try to review as many as I can.

In the mean time, here’s a glance at my last week or so…

Discovered that the River Eden had flooded Rickerby park last week – the whole area had just turned into a massive river. // Started reading The Wind in The Willows, finally! // Cleared my desk and it’s actually still clear!

Finished and handed in my Animal Behaviour assignment. // Watched the Oscars last night on a live stream for the first time! Though going to bed at 5am after a full day of work, and having to get up at 8:30am on Monday morning was not a good idea. // Had a well deserved Nandos with friends yesterday, after doing a lot of editing!

My portable office.

Having tidied up my desk, I thought I would show how I work. My basic set-up is just my laptop, with my Filofax nearby and usually a notebook if I’m doing work. Most of the time I will have the tv on for background noise but I will sometimes attach it to my laptop through a VGA cable. (Currently catching up on The Originals!)

Now my laptop is of course portable, and occasionally I will take it with me into university so I can do work/blog or whatever else I need to do. It can be annoying however, as my laptop doesn’t fit into any bags other than my dedicated laptop bag – of which is bulky and makes carrying other items awkward! This is where my phone comes in!

I recently upgraded (meaning, last October…) to a Sony Xperia SP, and no, it isn’t the latest, hottest phone out there, but it does the job. I love being on android, and I wouldn’t switch to iOS for anything!

When I unlock my phone, my ‘default’ screen shows all of my most used apps – Email, Messaging, Calendar, Camera, Chrome, Instagram, Facebook, TweetCaster, Albums and Phone. This screen shows my social networks mostly. The second screen is where more useful apps, as well as blogging-related apps are located for easy access. Settings, Orange account, Maps, WordPress, Bloglovin’, Dropbox, Music and National Rail. Also on my phone I have an office program, Google+, Goodreads, Amazon/Ebay, Pinterest and an awesome app which tells me TV program scheduling!

This works for me as a portable office because, from a few apps, I can access almost everything I need very easily.

National Rail have a brilliant app. From this you can see live departures/arrivals and check journey times. It’s always good to see whether your train is running late! I think every phone will have a Maps app – I always use this to see how far places are to walk to. I also use the ‘On Air’ app a lot, as I’m forever checking to see what’s on TV.

Social networking:
Emails are obvious – I have both my personal and university email saved onto my phone. TweetCaster and Facebook allow me to stay up to date with what’s going on in the internet world. Fact: if something happens, I usually find it out from twitter.

I have my dropbox which gives access to all the files that I hold in there. I use it mainly for university work, and it’s really helpful when I’m out and about and I need to check something! I also have the Blackboard app, and those in university will understand how helpful that can be. Blackboard is used for any announcements/updates with modules. The office program allows me to download and open documents that a lecturer may email to me – my most checked document right now is the bus timetable for Tuesdays.

The WordPress app allows me to get onto my dashboard, access notifications/posts/subscribed blogs etc. I can use this app to write up a post when I’m out, and save it as a draft for later. Another great one is the Bloglovin’ app. If I’m bored and have forgotten a book, I just get out my phone and catch up on unread blog posts. Pinterest is also good for ideas.

Now anyone who reads my blog will know that I am a paper planner kind of person… I still am. All my planning and reminders get written down. My phone just helps me to get work done and then later access it on my laptop, or just cures a bit of boredom! If I’m not doing something on my laptop, I’m usually doing something on my phone.

*This has been an entry for the #PortableOffice competition run by Currys.

Another year older…

If you follow me on twitter/instagram you may have noticed that it was my birthday yesterday… I had a nice relaxing day, including a morning swim, and then had my family visiting in the evening. We had a lovely meal and I got lots of cards and awesome presents. (I also got two cakes!)

Sherlock season 1&2 from my flatmates, and Planet Earth from my boyfriend!

Harry Potter bracelet from my flatmates!

An owl mug and some lovely yankee tarts! Vanilla frosting, pink honeysuckle and rainwashed berry – haven’t tried any of these before so looking forward to it!

Probably my ‘geekiest’ present… A text embosser thingy. This is super cool. I did a couple of things with the pink tester strip!

So yep, I had a great day and I’m thankful for my friends and family. They all know me so well :3

Introducing Charlie…

I heard about a competition that Pet Health Info were running and well, I just had to join in! Writing a post about my pet and why I love them? Easy!

All images taken from my instagram/facebook so I apologise for the bad quality in some…

So, Charlie is my very fat cat. On my first day of Year 7 I came home to see a tiny little kitten, hiding behind anything he could. We couldn’t decide on a name for a few days, flicking between Harry and Charlie mainly… Thankfully, we settled on Charlie. Not long after, Charlie went for his ‘op’ and we discovered that he was actually a she. Can you imagine a girl kitty called Harry?! At least Charlie was fairly unisex!

In September this year we will have had her for 10 years – that’s making me feel old! Her birthday is the 4th July, and I think I only really remember that because of the American Independence Day…

Anyway, here are some of the things that make Charlie, Charlie.

She likes to sit/sleep in awkward places, especially when I am on my laptop and not giving her attention. Many times she has just plonked herself down in between me and my laptop when it is on my knee.

She also likes to sit on me and other people. Myself and my dad seem to be her favourites, but I think my dad wins because he’s the one that feeds her the most…

She will lie with me whilst I read. It’s really comforting, lying down reading and having a cute, snoring, kitty beside you!

Then there was that time when I tricked her with a treat so she would stand up she posed with me.

And of course, it’s tiring being a cat…


This has been a cat appreciation post.

Pet Health Info is a website which offers pet health advice and information, at no added cost! There’s plenty of information whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, fish, birds… the list goes on!

This competition is in conjunction with BloggerOpps and Pet Health Info.

Moments that Mattered

This post is an entry to the fab competition that Georgina from She Might Be Loved is running in conjunction with Lloyds bank.

Last year was a difficult one. I spoke briefly about what happened, but never really went into much detail. In fact, this post will still be quite short as it’s not easy to write about! In July 2013, we lost my lovely Granddad to pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed in April, and declined quite rapidly. It was difficult to watch. It’s always hard when you lose a Grandparent, but I was very young when I lost my other three Grandparents to cancer so they didn’t quite hit me as hard as this one did. At this age I was able to fully understand the illness.

imageThe main moment that mattered for me in 2013 was Fathers Day. My Granddad was very ill and weak at this point, though not bedridden. We wanted to do something for him as we knew it would be his last Fathers Day. The whole family came together, and we had a lovely gathering at his house. He had all four of his children, twelve grandchildren and two great-grandchildren there with him on that day – yes it was definitely a houseful! It was the last time that we were all together, and for me that’s always going to be something to remember. We didn’t do much, but just being there together as a family was enough.

I don’t really have any photos from that day, and we have few from the time of his illness. That’s not how I want to remember my Granddad though – I want to remember him as the big smiley person that he was. The photo above was from one of my cousin’s naming day ceremony.

I also have one more thing that I want to write about… My Granddad was a teacher up until he retired. In his last years he worked as a lollipop man for a primary school. He loved it! Now on the day of my Granddad’s funeral, the car drove him past the primary school that he ‘lollipopped’ for. When they got to us, they told us that some of the teachers had stood outside with a year 6 class. They were all sat on the floor waiting patiently until the car drove past and then they stood up for my Granddad as he went past. To me, that’s just so lovely – it totally got me on the day. Even now it’s made me tear up! He was clearly loved by the children in that school.

So my moment that mattered is kind of sad and kind of happy. I think it’s a nice time to reflect on, despite what was actually happening at the time.

Time for improvement…

Well, I have decided on a few resolutions this year, with (some!) specific goals relating to each one! This is the double sided insert that I will be placing in my Filofax! Have added the colour titles as blue is my colour for personal, purple for fitness and green for university in my diary. I think this is it now. Though if I think of anything else, I may re-design it and change it…

Hello 2014!

Well, it’s almost 2014… This year has flown by, especially from September onwards! 2014 will bring lots more university work, and also a trip to Finland! I think I’m going to figure out some goals for this year and do a post on that this coming week.

Tonight I’m just having a quiet night with my boyfriend! Carvery, films and pjs!

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