My new ‘creative corner’.

As I live away at university, my bedroom at home isn’t very ‘me’ at the moment. I moved into this room in August 2013 (after my sister had moved out into her new house!) and then went back to university in the same month! My parents then repainted the room and put in new carpet. As a result, I haven’t really been here to personalise it!

I’m still in the midst of bringing all my important bits back, and that will be done by the end of June. I’m only really missing clothing/shoes and a bit of stationery stuff really. Nothing else is that ‘important’.

To get to the point of the post, this is what my current ‘creative corner’ looks like:

It’s a mess, right? Paper, tapes, stickers and more just dumped on the floor and on that chair. Well, due to the huge TV in my room (inherited from my Granddad) I didn’t have a desk. You can see it slightly in the photo below. I had quite a bit of floor space right in front of my window, and the lighting is lovely there!

Now I knew that we had a spare desk knocking about the house somewhere, and figured I would steal that! After locating it in the shed, and giving it a good wipe, my mum and I lugged it into my room so I could use it. We swapped the two desks around in my room, just because the one with the TV on it had drawers. The second desk in my room means I have less floor space, but it also means that I have an actual desk top to use! (Hello Charlie)

So, this is my ‘creative corner’ now, and I have plenty of room to be creative. I’m sure it’ll hold my laptop at various points in the day too. The one downside to this desk is that it’s not very wide at all!

I’ve also decided to use this wheely boxy thingy (what is it called?) to keep my craft stash for now. It fits under my desk, and I can also use it as a footrest. Win/win situation! As I don’t have that much stuff, it all fits nicely! All my papers/stickers are in the side pocket, besides a pack of 12×12 which of course don’t fit! They’re shoved down the side of my desk instead. Glue/tape/scissors and the like are in the bottom drawer, and all small stickers, journalling cards and other small bits are in the top section. I also have a few big post-its and all my washi tape in the actual desk drawers.

It’s nice to finally have a good space again instead of doing my SMASH book on my bed… I’ve been missing my desk in Carlisle!


Home comforts.

Living away from home at University is great. You’re finally independent, you experience new things and it just makes you grow as a person. However, sometimes, you just want to be at home. It’s hard to make a university town feel like home when you’re missing half of your belongings and you don’t have any family near! I love Carlisle and I’d quite happily stay there – if the rest of my family came up to join me! I’ve been at home since Monday, and will be heading back to Carlisle tomorrow. It has been nice to just spend time with my boyfriend and the rest of my family, despite how little time I’ve had!

My mum had left these flowers in my room for when I got back – how lovely!

I do miss Charlie when I’m away.

I miss having an actual bookshelf in my room when I’m in Carlisle… The green book is one I re-discovered yesterday and contains writing ideas/prompts. Will definitely be looking to it for ideas.

Today I went into town with my mum, and we had a nice little walk around the park. It’s finally beginning to feel like spring. I saw my first bumblebee of 2014!

Anyone else get a little homesick at university? How do you cope with being away from home?

My Week #49

Well, this week was just exhausting! I just didn’t really relax all week, and I still feel tired! Home for a few days – will be putting the Christmas tree up tonight – and then back into uni/work. I can’t wait for Christmas and the 2 weeks off!

Moving rooms – my books and stationery.

Well, I am finally out of the box room! Now I have a good sized room, a double bed and an en suite! It’s great! We have yet to decorate it. My mum has said that they will do it when I go back to University, so I’m not actually in the room!

I just thought I would show you my desk area, shelves and bookcase for now! I will do a full bedroom post once every thing is done (probably in a few months!).

So, here is my desk area! This desk is really quite narrow (and yes, my furniture doesn’t match…) so I’ve decided to attempt to keep it quite minimal. I have my TV, laptop, Filofax and you can’t see it, but behind my laptop is a little pot for some pens. I also have a couple of candles on there.

On this little shelf, I have my stationery holder on the first shelf. This has more pens, paper clips and all that sort of stuff. My desk just isn’t big enough to have this on as well! Next is my notebooks section. I’ve only put a few on here so far. Just my prettiest ones! Underneath that shelf is a drawer thingy that just has paper, tape, ink and random bits in it. And I also have all my Filofaxes (There’s four there!) Then of course it’s the bin, and a random folder that is holding magazine pages (more to come on this!)

Next up is my bookcase. Now I’m not sure that I have found every book that I own… It doesn’t look like much! And yep, I put my books in alphabetical order! Though I’m not sure whether each letter section is alphabetical… Need to check that!

My Harry Potter books and LoTR books. Also have a small selection of nature/bird/tree books at the end xD Also, my Harry Judd drumstick that I caught and got signed! (And other random bits)

Notice the two AFRICA books? I got one for my birthday, and then won one in a photography competition! Oops! Some of the books are flat because they just stick out so much!

Instagram Week!

Haven’t done this in a while so I thought I’d post some photos that I’ve taken in the past two weeks!

I visited Talkin Tarn on the Monday, and discovered this awesome woods near it! Then I went to Tullie house on the Tuesday and we were shown around the back where they store collections. It was really cool! I went home on the Friday and watched my local rugby team with my parents!

Charlie annoyed me by sleeping in my bed… I saw The Script on Saturday (they were incredible!) and then I took photos with Charlie before coming home this Monday…

This Tuesday we had to do a fish dissection… and then I did a field practical in the afternoon! We climbed a mountain and it was pretty awesome. And then yesterday I managed to get close to a heron in the park and it was such a great experience! Photos located HERE!

Product reviews! Part 2.*

(This was supposed to be posted ages ago but it seems like it got stuck in my drafts – sorry! xD)

So, as you can see, this ‘box’ does hold a lot! It feels fairly sturdy, but the sides/bottom are really quite flexible! You could probably squeeze a lot of stuff in, and it would look a little out of shape but would still hold! I’m currently using it to store my towels in, in my bathroom. It’s working really well for that purpose! It’s small enough to not be in the way, but big enough to hold quite few towels! I’ve managed to fit the pack of towels shown on this post, as well as two other towels that I already had in it.

The towels were thinner than I expected them to be, and also smaller (though I didn’t check measurements so that’s my fault!). That said, you get a good range of towels. Two normal sized sheets, two smaller hand towels and two flannels. The colours were bright (well, the blues!), and they brighten up my bathroom!

Now these tumblers are pretty cool, although I haven’t really used them for drinking out of. I think they’re a little unsuitable for that (maybe they’re not supposed to be?!). I’m currently using them to store things in on my bookcase! They look pretty and they’re pretty big as far as tumblers go…

Product Reviews! Part 1.*

I received some products from Matalan to review, so here’s part 1. Everything I write here is my honest opinion of the products.

Camper Van Lunch Bag & Bottle Set
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I think this is a cute little lunchbox. It is fairly big, and as you can see I managed to fit in a tupperware box as well as some other foods. It seems to be sturdy, so perfect for kids! The only problems that I had were with the water bottle. The holder doesn’t feel like it would keep the bottle in… I’d imagine that kids wouldn’t be as careful when carrying/moving the lunch box and so the drinks bottle could easily fall out or be lost. I also didn’t like the drinks ‘hole’. It felt awkward when drinking, and wasn’t easy for me! It’s quite an odd shape.

Fusion Bedding Set In Single

I had one problem with this – there was only 1 pillow case! I would have preferred two, and I think most people have two pillows, right? When putting the cover on, it didn’t feel that soft… When I got in bed, I was so happy. It made my duvet seem thicker, and just felt so much better than my last duvet cover. This one also had poppers at the end, which is more than I can say for my last set! This cover also has an eye-catching pattern, and I think it looks cool! The colours are different greys, and I’d say the darker ones have a slight green tinge.

Home is where?

Hey guys! So this is my first blog post from my University room! I’m still a little ‘nervous’ and it really doesn’t feel like home. It feels like I’m just in a hotel room! Weird.
My flatmates are nice, and I think we’ll get along really well. I can’t see us having any major problems -yet!

I just got back from my first little meeting with my course group. There’s 13 of us so it isn’t a big class! Just on a little break before going to registration at 1:30pm.
Because my course is an outdoor course, we got free hoodies! How awesome! (Well actually, they were introduced as ‘zoodies’… Hoodies with zips… So I guess it’s just a jacket really.) It’s comfortable anyway!

And now onto my room… (more…)

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