My Week #23

Well, it has been a boring week… I have had nothing really to plan, so my Filofax was empty this week! Tw ogood things happened last week – I photographed a kingfisher, and I did the Race for Life! Hopefully next week will be a little more exciting!


My Week #9

I feel like I haven’t stopped all week, even though Wednesday was a completely lazy day. I didn’t go to the (voluntary!) sessions – I felt too tired and achy! I just lay in bed for a while and then did my AB work! I had my Animal Behaviour assignment deadline last Friday and I’m a little scared now that I’ve handed it in!

Our media project deadline is this Friday, and I just can’t wait for it to be over! This week will be an editing week – I’m just so glad that I don’t actually have to do much. We can sit down and edit videos/do the write up… I don’t have to be outside filming! Such a relief.

Work was super busy today, completely non-stop on the tills for about two hours from when we opened, and then just busy right up until closing time. Everything aches!

One week to go until I get to go home for a few days! So looking forward to it… I miss Manchester and Wigan/Leigh. Yes, I really do.

My Week #5

Another week down… I apologise for the quality. Annoyingly I left my camera on JPEG rather than RAW format, and I don’t know about anyone else but I can really tell the difference!

Anyway, it was the four year anniversary for my boyfriend and I on Monday, and I got to see him this weekend which was nice! (As well as today off work!) We had a nice relaxing time, ate a lot of good food and had a couple of trips to Waterstones… That’s a normal date, right?

Hello 2014!

Well, it’s almost 2014… This year has flown by, especially from September onwards! 2014 will bring lots more university work, and also a trip to Finland! I think I’m going to figure out some goals for this year and do a post on that this coming week.

Tonight I’m just having a quiet night with my boyfriend! Carvery, films and pjs!

My Week #27

I haven’t posted in quite a few days… On Thursday, my Granddad lost his battle to cancer. He was diagnosed in April, and the originally said he could have 6 months. Unfortunately, his condition really deteriorated in the last few weeks. We knew it was going to happen, but nothing prepares you for the feelings when it actually happens and hits you. It has been hard. His funeral won’t be next week however, but the week after.

Next week we are still going on holiday as planned. We’re going to Wales, and the little break will be good. I am looking forward to getting away for a bit. I feel like we all need it, especially my mum! She has been constantly working and looking after my Granddad.

Anyway, this is my week!

I saw online that some people used a fly leaf in their planner, between the diary pages, and I figured this was a perfect way to get around using big post it notes!

I completed my 10k run this morning, and it was super hot! I finished in 69 minutes and I’m really pleased with that time! I will be doing a race recap in the next three days so look out for that! I will also have a book review up tomorrow, hopefully!

My Week #8

Did more running this week… Definitely need to keep that up!

More stuff but still quite a boring week :3

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