My Week #23

Well, it has been a boring week… I have had nothing really to plan, so my Filofax was empty this week! Tw ogood things happened last week – I photographed a kingfisher, and I did the Race for Life! Hopefully next week will be a little more exciting!


Books in May.

The monthly ‘series’ is staying, but I’m changing the layout of the post again… I also want to add that I am not affiliated with Goodreads in any way – I use their links because I find it a very useful resource for reviews/ratings/recommendations! Anyway, there’s a little extra at the end of the post!

Books that I’ve read this month:

My reviews:
The Lost & The Dead Ground – Claire McGowan
The Georgraphy of You and Me – Jennifer E. Smith

I didn’t read much this month – most of the time felt like it was taken up reading the Animal Behaviour book! In reality, that was only up until the 6th May as that was when the exam was. I did however have two more assignments to complete before the 16th May and so reading wasn’t really possible! My favourite book from this month was The Dead Ground. I love a good young adult book, but I love crime/thriller/mystery even more.

Favourite book related things from the internet:

# You know you’re a book nerd if…
# Cassandra Clare talks to Glamour about City of Heavenly Fire (I need to buy this book!)
# I definitely need this bookmark – guilty as charged! ‘Fell Asleep Here’
# You need to read Becca’s post about the dreaded words…“Books are boring”.
# Can mind maps improve your writing? – Maybe I should try mind maps to get blog posts out!

# 28 Relatable Book Quotes

I’m liking this layout, and I am going to stick to this form of post for my ‘Books in…’ series. What do you think?

Matka – An expedition to Finland. Part #3.

imageThe last bit of our expedition was very different to what we had imagined. Looking online, Rovaniemi looked lovely and interesting. In reality, it was just like any other city in England!
Due to the time that we went, the tourist trips were mostly shut. Too late for winter, too early for summer! After walking around on the first morning, we headed into tourist information and managed to book ourselves onto a snow shoeing tour. It was fun but not as difficult or ‘extreme’ as expected. The guide that we had was brilliant, and told us so much information about the area, about Finland and his experiences. Rovaniemi was very warm, and had no snow. We drove out of the city about half an hour away and had knee deep snow in places!

Rovaniemi itself had some really pretty parts, but also some not so nice parts. Just like any city, right? This river was huge, and parts were still frozen from the winter, and there were also chunks of ice just floating around! We saw one traditional Finnish restaurant in Rovaniemi, but it was just so expensive that we didn’t have the money for it.

On our second day, we visited the Santa Village, as advised by the guide! It’s what most people come to Rovaniemi for… Due to the season, it was a little disappointing. The gift shops and buildings were lovely, but I guess the place just looks so much better in the winter and in the evening. I am glad that we went though, because otherwise I’d just be regretting it!

One thing that I loved, and this was the same in Helsinki (airport!), was the packaging designs in the supermarkets! Everything for kids just looked so cute! I actually saved a couple of cartons/wrappers to put in my travel journal.

Last but not least, Rovaniemi was covered in all kinds of cool graffiti. The images really helped to brighten up the area, and I loved seeing them. I’ll just let the photos do the talking…

So, that was the end of our expedition. To get back to Kajaani for our flight, we had to get two trains and it was around a 5 hour journey. Not too fun, but with a good book and nice scenery it’s all fine! Here’s a wagtail seen at Kajaani station! It came so close – clearly used to people!

Overall, the expedition was an amazing experience and I’m so happy to have had the chance! I would definitely visit Martinselkosen and the Boreal Wildlife Centre again. Lovely people, place and predators! Next time I’d maybe look at another place in the Arctic Circle – probably wouldn’t bother with Rovaniemi again! Although, Santa’s Village would be great in the winter. Hope you enjoyed looking at these photos!

A new scrapbooking project

My boyfriend and I have been together for four years now, and throughout the relationship I have kept random memories in a little box. I figured that it’s about time that I sorted through that stuff, and placed it into a scrapbook! One little trip to The Range, and I now have a ‘La De Dah’ scrapbook, as well as a few extra bits! I’ve been looking at these for ages, but never knew what I would use it for – I don’t think I could keep up a scrapbook of normal every day life. I was also put off from getting this originally because it just didn’t look like it had enough pages. When I discovered that you can add in pages though, I was sold!

I chose the blue one, and I thought it very fitting that the first page says ‘let the journey begin’. It’s going to be interesting to sort through all the things I’ve collected! I’ll be able to start it when I go home next week, and I can’t wait!

I am also (finally) beginning to sort my expedition travel journal out – hopefully that will be done in the next two weeks. I need to get some photos printed, but I’m hoping to get all my receipts/notes/leaflets stuck in during the next few days!

Photo Friday #16

(Photo by Louise Groom!)

Since getting back from Finland, I haven’t had much time to sort through all of the photos. I have an exam on the 6th so my main priority is revision at the moment! Once that’s over, I still have two assignments to complete for the 16th May, so if I get time I will post some Finland photos up! They will appear eventually…

Anyway, here’s a preview! Click the link at the bottom to see it on my 500px page.

My Wedding Scrapbook

Yep, you read that right… And no, I’m not planning on getting married any time soon! No matter what age you are, everyone loves to plan their wedding, right?! (Are you reading this Phillip? xD)

Now the most important thing to me is actually the photographs… Doing some photography myself (though not portraits!) I just know I’m going to be so picky and only want the best. I know that I want more of a documentary/journalistic/reportage (whatever you want to call it!) style. Anyway, for good photographs, I need a pretty wedding!

Isn’t this book arch super cool! I really love the ‘natural’ themes and I would probably try to stick to something neat and simple like this. I was looking on Pinterest specifically for this, to see rooms that I liked… I really love the idea of a barn conversion room. They look so pretty, and of course fit in with the natural theme! Nothing too fancy! Plus somewhere with my windows like this would give lovely lighting for photographs! 😉

washi tape, filofaxwashi tape, filofax

And then you get all the little decorations. Sweets! Everyone loves a good bag of sweets, right? I also really like the idea of having little advice cards! Not sure what you could do with them… Maybe a little scrapbook or something? I really love both of these flowers – they’re so pretty and simple. Also really like the idea of having random snaps that the guests take themselves. The idea of having a little thank you on the cutlery or seat is a lovely keepsake. Plus, it means you’re thanking them for coming there and then! The glasses also look cute, I just couldn’t resist.

washi tape, filofaxwashi tape, filofax

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are also pretty important… I myself love dark blues, purple and maybe even a dark forest green. Also love how the grey suit looks with these colours! The blue in these photos is lovely! Finally – the wedding dress! I want something simple and classy. Nothing too big or ‘princessy’. I really love how lace looks on wedding dresses, and I’d definitely go for something sleeved. Not sure about long or short sleeved, but I really don’t want anything strapless! The back on the right photo is so pretty!

washi tape, filofaxwashi tape, filofax

It’s never too early to start planning…

This is a competition post. Thanks to Ox Pasture Hall Hotel.

My Wedding Scrapbook – How To Enter

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All you have to do to enter is write a post entitled ‘My Wedding Scrapbook’. Your post should include all the aspects you believe make a dream wedding and can feature words, images, photos and sketches – in fact anything you would put in a real life scrap book.

Once you’ve written your post, make sure you add these ‘how to enter’ instructions as they appear here at the foot of your post and then tweet a link to it from your Twitter profile including the hashtag #myweddingscrapbook.

Two runners up prizes of a £100 and a £50 Love2shop gift vouchers will also be given to the 2nd place & 3rd place post respectively. The winner will be the most inspirational post, as chosen by the judges. Competition closes midnight 31 March 2014. Winners will be chosen and notified by email using the contact details on their blog within 10 working days of the competition closing.

Home comforts.

Living away from home at University is great. You’re finally independent, you experience new things and it just makes you grow as a person. However, sometimes, you just want to be at home. It’s hard to make a university town feel like home when you’re missing half of your belongings and you don’t have any family near! I love Carlisle and I’d quite happily stay there – if the rest of my family came up to join me! I’ve been at home since Monday, and will be heading back to Carlisle tomorrow. It has been nice to just spend time with my boyfriend and the rest of my family, despite how little time I’ve had!

My mum had left these flowers in my room for when I got back – how lovely!

I do miss Charlie when I’m away.

I miss having an actual bookshelf in my room when I’m in Carlisle… The green book is one I re-discovered yesterday and contains writing ideas/prompts. Will definitely be looking to it for ideas.

Today I went into town with my mum, and we had a nice little walk around the park. It’s finally beginning to feel like spring. I saw my first bumblebee of 2014!

Anyone else get a little homesick at university? How do you cope with being away from home?

What’s happening?

Eat, work, sleep, repeat. These past two weeks have just gone so slowly, yet I have been so busy. If I’m not at university in lectures, I’m out filming for an assignment or in work. I haven’t had much time to just ‘be’, and I’m really looking forward to this assignment being handed in on Friday, and then going home on the 10th! In that time, I’m hoping to get a few posts drafted up. I’m also hoping to write a lot more book reviews in the near future. I have so many new books that I need to read, and I’m going to try to review as many as I can.

In the mean time, here’s a glance at my last week or so…

Discovered that the River Eden had flooded Rickerby park last week – the whole area had just turned into a massive river. // Started reading The Wind in The Willows, finally! // Cleared my desk and it’s actually still clear!

Finished and handed in my Animal Behaviour assignment. // Watched the Oscars last night on a live stream for the first time! Though going to bed at 5am after a full day of work, and having to get up at 8:30am on Monday morning was not a good idea. // Had a well deserved Nandos with friends yesterday, after doing a lot of editing!

Reading – A Book Haul

Over the past two weeks I have picked up quite a few books… 10 to be exact! (In the photo below, lets just ignore the bottom two books – I already owned those!) Now it seems like a a lot, especially when I’m trying to save up, but these books were however very cheap. A lot of the books here are really random, and I hadn’t heard anything about them before picking them up… Some may not be great, but that’s all in the fun of choosing a random book!

It started with The Innocents. I was in a charity shop and just decided to have a look – this one was 50p.
Then my boyfriend visited and very kindly bought me The Butterfly Isles and Otter Country as an early Valentines gift. These were the most expensive, but Waterstones had a 20% off everything sale…

Here’s where the fun starts… I nipped into The Works because they’re having a massive sale (not sure if this is every shop or just Carlisle’s, as the Carlisle one almost got closed down). I chose The Hesperides Tree and The Alchemist . I’ve read the latter, but I thought it was just a book that I should own… Anyway, I got to the till and the two books totalled to £1. I was amazed. Obviously, I had to go back another day. This time I picked up Madame Depardieu and the Beautiful Strangers, Ruby Red, Moths That Drink Elephants Tears…, The Inn at the Top and Eve Green. These five books totalled to £3.49. So yes, from The Works I have managed to grab 7 books for a measly £4.49! I just couldn’t resist. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a poor student like me and you’re trying to build up your book collection!

October so far…

It’s almost mid-October, and Christmas is only 74 days away! (Yes, really! How did it get so late in the year?) Well Autumn seems to have come and gone within a week or so – it’s bloody cold outside – and I’m already feeling the need to listen to Christmas songs!

Anyway, I found some conkers last week when I went out to take photographs, and that made me smile! They always remind me of childhood, and I’m not sure why because I never really did the whole ‘conker fight’ thingy… I didn’t want to break them!

I also managed to watch the Cumbrian Run go past my window. A little saddening considering this time last year I was aiming to do it this year. I just haven’t been running much lately because I was worried about my leg, and then it just got to so long since my last run that getting out again seems scary!

It has been a busy few weeks too, with lots of planning and appointments going into my Filofax. This weekend I am off to London for Wild Photos! Looking forward to that, though not the 7 hour journey on a coach! (I’ll be leaving tonight at 00:30am!) I am expecting to read a lot over this weekend. So yes, I will be absent for this weekend, and I expect bloglovin’ to have a big list of blogs for me to read come Monday night…

And finally, I got a job!! I had a phonecall yesterday morning, interview in the afternoon and then my induction this morning! Actual work starts next weekend… It’s just a weekend job, but it’s a small source of income that will definitely help!

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