Speedo Aquapulse Max Goggles*: A review.

You’re mid-stroke and then all of a sudden your vision is blurry and you can’t tell if it’s just the lighting or whether you’re about to bump into another body… Sound familiar? I used to swim quite regularly, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of goggles which didn’t get foggy. Being a ‘glasses-wearer’, goggles are usually no fun for me anyway, but when they start to fog up, it makes it 10x worse!

Last year I bought a pair of goggles which had my prescription in them – I could see perfectly, great! And they were, for the two times that I managed to use them without the fogging problem! I cannot begin to describe just how annoying it was to have to take goggles off and wipe them each time I did a lap. So I gave up, and I just swam keeping my head above the water and wearing my glasses. Not ideal, right?

Anyway, Speedo offered me a pair of their new Aquapulse Max Goggles* and I jumped at the chance to try them out! These goggles boast ‘IQfit™ Technology’, which means that they are designed to fit the face properly – no gaps and no water spilling in from the side! They also have wide lenses, giving a really good view, and an anti-fog coating to stop vision disappearing. Sounds great!

speedo aquapulse max goggles

I’ve used them twice now, and although I still can’t see out of them clearly (being short-sighted sucks!), the anti-fog coating definitely works, and it was so much easier for me. I can see blurs, and I could generally figure out which blurs were people. Often, goggles make that even more difficult for me! The goggles definitely have a wide field of view, and I cannot fault them at all for that. They also fit really well to my face, although I do have to admit that I struggled to get them together at first. I think that’s just me being dim!

Here you can see the Speedo sign on the side, and the strap also has measurements! The band is comfortable, and I really like how it is designed. It’s really easy to tighten the straps, when the goggles are on your head. All you need to do is reach back and pull on the two ends!

speedo aquapulse max goggles speedo aquapulse max goggles

Here you can see the edge of the strap, and how it slots into the goggles. It’s really simple and you just slide them together really! I’m not sure why I struggled looking back, it’s definitely one of the easiest set-ups I’ve seen!

speedo aquapulse max goggles speedo aquapulse max goggles

I did try to get a photo of them on, but I just looked too scary to post it! So far I have nothing bad to say about the Aquapulse Max goggles. They seem to be quite sturdy so I have a good feeling that they will hold up well!

Now I’ve got my eye on the Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback swimsuit. The suit has internal compression panels, which are designed to make you more aware of key muscles used when swimming, which in turn will help you to gain better position and technique in the water. It also gives your body support, making you comfortable when you swim. It sounds good to me, and definitely worth the £60 price tag if you’re a keen swimmer! I currently have a Speedo sculpture swimsuit and that one holds me in and is super comfortable to swim in, so I’m already a fan!

*This is a sponsored post and the product was sent for an honest review.

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