Leigh 10k Race Recap! 7-7-13

imageI woke up early yesterday morning, the nerves really getting to me! I knew that the weather was going to be lovely – but I also knew that meant it would be around 20 degrees! That’s not always great for a run! I was really hoping that we would get a little rain, and the weather forecast would be wrong! (It was 21 degrees during my run…)

Anyway, the race was part of the Legacy Event Series and took place in Pennington Flash. I had done the Race for Life in June in the same place, but this time we were running ‘backwards’ on that route, with some extra paths added… In the Race For Life we had a nice zig-zag run downhill. In this 10k, we were running up it! Couple that with the roaring heat, and it is very difficult! I admit that I did walk up the hills (one was almost vertical!) and I had to stop and walk for a bit around 5k as my right foot got pins and needles. I’m thinking my right foot must be bigger than my left, making the shoe tighter on that one… Also, my trainers are black, and so I think that could be a downside!

So, we ran through lovely woodland paths (with very welcome shade!), got nice views from the hills and ran along the canal, seeing boats lined up on the way! I think this route is a great one for a 10k, as it never got ‘boring’. It would only have been better if we had some nice rain to cool us off! The two water stops at 4k and around 7k were definitely helpful! I was carrying a bottle with me because of the heat but the water just got so warm it was nasty! You can see the map below!

imageAnd here are my stats for the run! I managed it in 69 minutes, which is about a minute faster than my previous 10k runs! This was totally unexpected because of the heat, and the fact that I knew it would be hilly! I was expecting it to be around 75-80 minutes, so to beat my expectations by nearly 10 minutes was great! As I came to the last 20 metres or so, I heard my mum shout for me… She knew I would have loved to be under 70 minutes, and I was a minute away from it! That urged me on too! No official time yet from the organisers, but I saw the clock as I crossed the finish and it was 1h9mins! Super pleased! With around 3k to go, my thighs started to feel like they were going to seize up. I really thought I would have to walk for a bit, but then a woman who was just in front of me started talking to me, and she got me going without really knowing it! I kept to her pace, and having her running slightly in front of me really helped!

imageAnd here’s my number and medal! I was surprised to have such a low number! I didn’t realise I’d signed up so early! I really like the medal! It would be nice if it had said Leigh 10k on the medal, and I had seen others complain before my race so I expected it, but it just says Legacy Event Series… Still, the number says Leigh 10k so that’s all good!
When I get my room sorted, I’m going to get my dad to build me a medal and race number holder! It’ll be nice to keep them all together!

So yep, it was a great race and I loved it! I think I’ll definitely be doing it again next summer!

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