My new ‘creative corner’.

As I live away at university, my bedroom at home isn’t very ‘me’ at the moment. I moved into this room in August 2013 (after my sister had moved out into her new house!) and then went back to university in the same month! My parents then repainted the room and put in new carpet. As a result, I haven’t really been here to personalise it!

I’m still in the midst of bringing all my important bits back, and that will be done by the end of June. I’m only really missing clothing/shoes and a bit of stationery stuff really. Nothing else is that ‘important’.

To get to the point of the post, this is what my current ‘creative corner’ looks like:

It’s a mess, right? Paper, tapes, stickers and more just dumped on the floor and on that chair. Well, due to the huge TV in my room (inherited from my Granddad) I didn’t have a desk. You can see it slightly in the photo below. I had quite a bit of floor space right in front of my window, and the lighting is lovely there!

Now I knew that we had a spare desk knocking about the house somewhere, and figured I would steal that! After locating it in the shed, and giving it a good wipe, my mum and I lugged it into my room so I could use it. We swapped the two desks around in my room, just because the one with the TV on it had drawers. The second desk in my room means I have less floor space, but it also means that I have an actual desk top to use! (Hello Charlie)

So, this is my ‘creative corner’ now, and I have plenty of room to be creative. I’m sure it’ll hold my laptop at various points in the day too. The one downside to this desk is that it’s not very wide at all!

I’ve also decided to use this wheely boxy thingy (what is it called?) to keep my craft stash for now. It fits under my desk, and I can also use it as a footrest. Win/win situation! As I don’t have that much stuff, it all fits nicely! All my papers/stickers are in the side pocket, besides a pack of 12×12 which of course don’t fit! They’re shoved down the side of my desk instead. Glue/tape/scissors and the like are in the bottom drawer, and all small stickers, journalling cards and other small bits are in the top section. I also have a few big post-its and all my washi tape in the actual desk drawers.

It’s nice to finally have a good space again instead of doing my SMASH book on my bed… I’ve been missing my desk in Carlisle!


Back to university!

imageYep, I am back at university! I feel like I haven’t blogged for ages! I have moved into my new flat, and 6/7 of us are here. Now I only actually start on the 23rd, but I’m hoping to get a job in these two weeks! I really need the money, and the three day job with the uni isn’t quite enough!

I’m super happy with my room. It’s nice and airy, unlike last years, and I have an interesting view – my window is so big and pretty! It’s a good size, I have a double bed, plenty of storage space and I’ve also got enough space to practise yoga, so no excuses…

Anyway, one of the best things is that I have a really big desk. I’m going to attempt to keep it quite empty, like in the photo, so that I do have the space to work. It’s good because, when I’m working, I can just move my laptop to the left so it’s in front of the TV, and then I have lots of space to write in! The drawers on the left are also very useful!

Today I also received the photos that I’d ordered, and stuck them onto my wall along with some printed images. I really like how it turned out! (Oh and yes, my room is green, blue and purple…)

My first week back at university is super busy, as I’ve got a week block of one module. The rest of the time I’ll only be in a few days a week! Lots of time to plan my expedition… (and hopefully earn money!)

My Week #25 (& a quick Organised Mum inserts week review)

So this week was the first week of using these inserts. Overall, I really liked them! I liked the fact that I could put all my exercise in one column – it gives a clearer view. Obviously, this format works and that’s why it’s good for mums… You can have a column for a child! It was a bit strange going from cotton cream paper to the bright white, but I think that makes my colour pens really pop! I think the major downside for me, is that I don’t feel like I can stick big sticky notes on there as they will cover a lot. We’ll see though!

imageI also bought a Bonsai tree this week! I love how these look, and I can’t wait to move into my new room so I can decorate and have my tree on my desk! I actually don’t know what type of tree this is, so maybe I should find that out… And if you have any ideas, I’d be glad to hear them!

I’m already deciding on things that I want in my room, and items that I want to buy… I won’t be getting that room for at least another 3 weeks! I just can’t wait to get out of this box room! I’ve already decided that my room will have neutral colours. I want it to feel more nature-related.

And here are two photos of Charlie. Just because she’s cute!

Where do I blog?

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Having just finished university, I am now back at home! I was nice enough to give my brother my room when I went to university, as he had been stuck in the box room for the first 16 years of his life… Well, now I am back, he’s still in that room and I’ve been relegated to the box room! I don’t know how he coped! Thankfully, by the end of July, I will be in the downstairs bedroom with an en-suite! (I can’t wait!)

Anyway, since I’m in the tiny room, I’ve had to make the best of what room I have… This is my current desk area and the things that I usually have around me!

I still haven’t got an aerial for this, so I have it hooked up to my laptop to watch films/tv shows etc from there!
Of course!
I always carry this water bottle with me, I should probably get a new one… But yeah, water to try to ward off the unhealthy drinks. Unfortunately, a Dr Pepper seems to have appeared.
I have lots of pens! This organiser is actually very empty because I still haven’t sorted through everything since getting back from uni!
On my desk for easy access!
Stationery drawer
I decided that I needed the top drawer to be filled with important stuff, and yes that includes stationery stuff! (The one below is toiletries!)

What you can’t see is that my bed is directly behind the desk… less than a metre in space there! I have my TV propped up by big wildlife/nature books because the drawers holding all my tops is just a little too short! It’s working for now – I just can’t wait to get a bigger room again! (My sister is moving out!)

Home is where?

Hey guys! So this is my first blog post from my University room! I’m still a little ‘nervous’ and it really doesn’t feel like home. It feels like I’m just in a hotel room! Weird.
My flatmates are nice, and I think we’ll get along really well. I can’t see us having any major problems -yet!

I just got back from my first little meeting with my course group. There’s 13 of us so it isn’t a big class! Just on a little break before going to registration at 1:30pm.
Because my course is an outdoor course, we got free hoodies! How awesome! (Well actually, they were introduced as ‘zoodies’… Hoodies with zips… So I guess it’s just a jacket really.) It’s comfortable anyway!

And now onto my room… (more…)

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