My new ‘creative corner’.

As I live away at university, my bedroom at home isn’t very ‘me’ at the moment. I moved into this room in August 2013 (after my sister had moved out into her new house!) and then went back to university in the same month! My parents then repainted the room and put in new carpet. As a result, I haven’t really been here to personalise it!

I’m still in the midst of bringing all my important bits back, and that will be done by the end of June. I’m only really missing clothing/shoes and a bit of stationery stuff really. Nothing else is that ‘important’.

To get to the point of the post, this is what my current ‘creative corner’ looks like:

It’s a mess, right? Paper, tapes, stickers and more just dumped on the floor and on that chair. Well, due to the huge TV in my room (inherited from my Granddad) I didn’t have a desk. You can see it slightly in the photo below. I had quite a bit of floor space right in front of my window, and the lighting is lovely there!

Now I knew that we had a spare desk knocking about the house somewhere, and figured I would steal that! After locating it in the shed, and giving it a good wipe, my mum and I lugged it into my room so I could use it. We swapped the two desks around in my room, just because the one with the TV on it had drawers. The second desk in my room means I have less floor space, but it also means that I have an actual desk top to use! (Hello Charlie)

So, this is my ‘creative corner’ now, and I have plenty of room to be creative. I’m sure it’ll hold my laptop at various points in the day too. The one downside to this desk is that it’s not very wide at all!

I’ve also decided to use this wheely boxy thingy (what is it called?) to keep my craft stash for now. It fits under my desk, and I can also use it as a footrest. Win/win situation! As I don’t have that much stuff, it all fits nicely! All my papers/stickers are in the side pocket, besides a pack of 12×12 which of course don’t fit! They’re shoved down the side of my desk instead. Glue/tape/scissors and the like are in the bottom drawer, and all small stickers, journalling cards and other small bits are in the top section. I also have a few big post-its and all my washi tape in the actual desk drawers.

It’s nice to finally have a good space again instead of doing my SMASH book on my bed… I’ve been missing my desk in Carlisle!


Homemade travel journal. (SMASH/Scrapbook)

As I have mentioned previously, I’ve been creating a travel journal to document my expedition to Finland. Well, it is finally complete (or near enough) and I have done a video to show you the pages. Yes, I have done a video! A little scary to be honest, but I’m afraid you’re only getting my voice…

If you didn’t want to watch the video, I’ve got a few of my favourite pages here:

A new scrapbooking project

My boyfriend and I have been together for four years now, and throughout the relationship I have kept random memories in a little box. I figured that it’s about time that I sorted through that stuff, and placed it into a scrapbook! One little trip to The Range, and I now have a ‘La De Dah’ scrapbook, as well as a few extra bits! I’ve been looking at these for ages, but never knew what I would use it for – I don’t think I could keep up a scrapbook of normal every day life. I was also put off from getting this originally because it just didn’t look like it had enough pages. When I discovered that you can add in pages though, I was sold!

I chose the blue one, and I thought it very fitting that the first page says ‘let the journey begin’. It’s going to be interesting to sort through all the things I’ve collected! I’ll be able to start it when I go home next week, and I can’t wait!

I am also (finally) beginning to sort my expedition travel journal out – hopefully that will be done in the next two weeks. I need to get some photos printed, but I’m hoping to get all my receipts/notes/leaflets stuck in during the next few days!

Motex Embosser

You may remember my birthday post where I mentioned the Motex embosser that I bought… I decided to use it today on my Filofax dividers as I had to cover up some text!

washi tape, filofax

You may also remember me saying that I was keeping a finance section in my filofax… That has now disappeared. I just wasn’t using it and I figured it was a waste of space. Instead, I have set up a blog section. I needed somewhere to jot down blog post ideas and to keep track of things. Now I needed the embosser stickers because I realised that I had none of the yellow martha stewart tabs left! I had to re-use the one that I had written ‘finance’ onto.

washi tape, filofax

I designed the divider to match my others, and chose butterflies because I just love them!

washi tape, filofax

I found these inserts online, and thought they fit in well with what I needed! I’m using the blogging plan at the moment to keep track of the books that I have to review!

washi tape, filofax

washi tape, filofax

I’m a little unsure about the tab stickers at the moment – the black just seems really harsh. I need to get some more colours!

Starting a travel journal.

Smash journals have been around for a while, and I’ve been aware of them but not really understanding much. Now ‘smashing’ (is it called that?!) is pretty much scrapbooking… Having not done it before, I can’t really say that I have any sort of huge love for it, but I do think it looks pretty cool!

Anyway, I was looking for ideas for a travel journal as I’m off on an expedition to Finland in April and I wanted to keep track of what we did. I stumbled across this post and it reminded me of Smash journalling, but at a cheaper price! I bought a few bits last week to start it, and made this video on Friday! It’s a timelapse, and I apologise for the lack of sound! (And my big head, which occasionally gets in the way!)

Now it’s pretty ’empty’ at the moment – I’ve barely started. This week I’m going to write up some information and journal the things that we’ve done for planning. It’ll obviously look better once I’ve been on the expedition and added all the things that I do there! I’m excited to get it going properly! Since discovering this, I’ve watched so many videos about smash journals!

Filofax treats! (All the way from the US!)

I’m part of a group online, and this month we had a secret swap… Each person taking part got a person, a list of their likes/dislikes and then we had to put together a little package for them! (All stationery related of course!)

Now isn’t my package pretty! I love this pattern on the envelope!

And here are my goodies! I love them all – it’s quite difficult to pick a favourite thing!

These ‘mobile’ post-its are super cool, and I’ve never seen them before! They seem like they would be very useful… I’m thinking I’ll stick these on my keys! I always see the Martha Stewart things online – our Staples doesn’t seem to have as much stuff! (Or at least, the ones near me!) The notebook tabs are cool too, I’m thinking of pairing these with my flex! Seems like they’d be good for revision.

So these stickers are probably my favourite… They’re so damn cute! Ah, I love them so much.

Two little plastic wallets! Love the colours, and these will definitely be useful! Also ove the cute paperclips! :3

These post-it notes are cool too! I’ve never seen these either! Post-it usually just does plain colours as far as I’m aware… These are pretty!

And a little notebook in a case, with a pen and the left side has a little pocket too! I like the perforated pages on this! And I got a nice little message!

I’ve realised that I haven’t photographed everything close up… There’s also the little gem decorative stickers, more post-its and some more cute animal stickers!

So yep, I got a very good secret swap, and I am very happy!

Recycling old t-shirts into pillows!

I have an old t-shirt that I really loved, but it was dyed in the wash, and just looked a little weird when I wore it. Probably because I knew what colour it was supposed to be! It was also getting a little small.

Well last month I came across this tutorial at ‘Ruffles And Stuff‘. Immediately, this t-shirt came to my mind as it has a really cute design, and would look great as a pillow!

So, I got my t-shirt, scissors, needle, thread and stuffing, and set about making it into a pillow! It was really quite easy, and I even managed the slip stitch (invisible stitch/ladder stitch) at the end perfectly fine, having never done one before! The tutorial is great. It’s simple and very easy to follow. There really isn’t much to making a t-shirt into a pillow…

Anyway, onto the photos!

Here is my process…

1: The t-shirt / 2: Have cut it into shape, both sides are the same size (or roughly the same.. hahah) / 3: You can’t really see very well, but the pieces are placed face/front together, and pins are holding it together. / 4: The stitched pillow, without stuffing.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And the pillow in action!

I love it. I think it’s cute, and will be a great addition to my University room!

Have you done anything crafty recently? Have you tried this before? I’d be interested in seeing other creations!


Okay so I came across ‘Japan Corner’, located here in this blog. The blog is brilliant… Anyway, I dicovered this post here, and saw that it was a really good idea. I’m quite scared of losing my Filofax, and I think this is a good way to make sure that people see the registration page.

So I created my own…

I used two photos that I took at the Harry Potter Studio Tour – the first quote that you see when entering, and the 1:24 scale model of the castle.

So, this is what I see when I open my Filofax.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The registration page is underneath, and you can see the rectangle cut out on the card of my front page.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So yeah, I think it looks pretty good! And I like to open my Filo up and see this image. So thanks to Sachiko over at Filofax Love for the idea! (Go check her blog out! Awesome drawings/paintings on there.)

Anyway, I also went to Tesco, and picked up some Uni stuff. I managed to get two Oxford notepads that were on offer – a deal I couldn’t resist – and I also got a cute little pencil case and some study cards. These fit well into my Filofax so it’s a win all around.
I found the cat wrapping paper, and figured I could use it maybe as a cover for a divider. It’s cute, and it’s Chococat!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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