Life of Kitty has moved!

If you’re following my blog through bloglovin’, do not worry! I had all my followers moved over, and you should be following the new link already. (You should actually be reading this on the new site!)

So yes, I am finally self-hosted! After having this blog for three years (although with a different URL originally) I decided that it’s about time I took the plunge. I know that I’ll keep on blogging, and quite frankly, I just wanted more freedom! I have plans to design my own layout eventually, but the basic one will do for now. I’m actually quite impressed with how quickly I got my head around image mapping – I’ve done both the header and the sidebar images! Also pleased to get all my links working quite quickly. However, if you do find a link that isn’t going to the right place please do let me know! It would also be great to hear about the speed of my blog – are the photos loading up okay?

Next up is to learn more about SEO. Any tips for me?


  • I am 21 years old, currently studying Wildlife and Media at University and blogging about life, stationery, Filofax, fitness and more.

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