Book Review: A Heart Bent Out of Shape*

image– Emylia Hall

I have been putting off writing this review because honestly I just do not know where to start! I’m going to do my best, without spoiling anything!

A Heart Bent Out of Shape follows Hadley Dunn, and so far her life has been quite normal. She has a nice family, friends, and loves her study subject of choice – literature. Her decision to spend a year studying in Lausanne, a beautiful Swiss city, changes everything. Once living in the city, she falls in love with everything about it, and the place just seems magical. The descriptions of everything make you want to visit – you wish you could experience all these new things, just like Hadley. It does help that the writing is great, and you really can envisage the city, the shops that are described and the university. The idea of studying a year abroad is a fascinating one to me, that’s for sure!

Anyway, Hadley lives in a student flat, and here she meets Kristina. A Danish girl, Kristina is so different to Hadley and the two of them form a strong bond, becoming close friends instantly. Of course, sometimes things don’t go to plan… When a tragedy strikes, Hadley’s life is turned upside down. Everything changes, and you can sense it in the writing. You can feel the despair and the sadness coming from Hadley, and even though that sounds incredibly depressing, it made for a really good read in my opinion! I felt like I went through the emotions that she did. (Though maybe not AS much hahah!)

Struggling, Hadley turns to the one person she can trust, and lines begin to blur. She starts to put pieces of the puzzle together and the answers don’t match up – can she ever trust anyone again? The story follows her as she begins her journey in a new city with new friends and the dangers of falling in love.

All in all, I loved this book. It made me laugh, cry and I almost throw it across the room in anger… Always a good sign if you ask me! One twist in the book – I loved it. I didn’t know whether my guess would be right or wrong and it didn’t disappoint. Would definitely recommend this book if you love a good (sort of chick-lit) mystery with a bit of romance!

*I received this book in exchange for a review on Bookbridgr, thanks to Headline.

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