Book Review: Spree*

image– Michael Morley

There’s a murderer about, and Jake Mottram, head of the FBI Spree Killer Unit is trying to find him. Angie Holmes is a psychological profiler, primarily focusing on serial killers. This latest attack on the city is sending everyone crazy, and Jake and Angie are struggling to see eye to eye. Two crime cases are introduced in the beginning, with one of them being the ‘bigger’ one.

Now as I’ve said before, I love a good crime book! Spree is told by both Jake and Angie, and I really liked it this way. Each part would be signified with a place, and that was where each person was. They worked different jobs, so it was great to see different sides of certain things. I loved both Jake and Angie. They’re the sort of couple that just really complimented each other – Jake being the tough guy with Angie bringing out his softer side. I can’t say I could relate exactly (I’m not a in the crime profession!) but you could be with them in the story and understand why they did specific things. I mean, some decisions annoyed me, but that’s life!

You also ‘meet’ the shooter, and get some chapters from his perspective. This gives you a whole new world to think of. I quite liked this character – despite what he was doing! It gave an edge to the storyline in my opinion, and it’s not something that I have read before.

I read a kindle version, and one thing that really stood out to me was that the occasional picture was slipped in. I really liked this, because it helped with the visuals. When Angie was drawing down a map it was really helpful actually seeing what she had drawn! I was impressed with that added detail.

There are definitely some twists in the book which I was not expecting, and I didn’t guess the ending either. I really wasn’t sure how it would play out! Though I will say that I’m not sure I liked the ending. Well I did like it, but one thing really sucked. It wasn’t bad at all, and everything tied up neatly, but when you get so absorbed into a book it can be hard to say goodbye…

The paperback version of this book is out tomorrow – 27th March 2014. I definitely recommend!

*I received this book from Headline at Bookbridgr in exchange for a review.

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