My portable office.

Having tidied up my desk, I thought I would show how I work. My basic set-up is just my laptop, with my Filofax nearby and usually a notebook if I’m doing work. Most of the time I will have the tv on for background noise but I will sometimes attach it to my laptop through a VGA cable. (Currently catching up on The Originals!)

Now my laptop is of course portable, and occasionally I will take it with me into university so I can do work/blog or whatever else I need to do. It can be annoying however, as my laptop doesn’t fit into any bags other than my dedicated laptop bag – of which is bulky and makes carrying other items awkward! This is where my phone comes in!

I recently upgraded (meaning, last October…) to a Sony Xperia SP, and no, it isn’t the latest, hottest phone out there, but it does the job. I love being on android, and I wouldn’t switch to iOS for anything!

When I unlock my phone, my ‘default’ screen shows all of my most used apps – Email, Messaging, Calendar, Camera, Chrome, Instagram, Facebook, TweetCaster, Albums and Phone. This screen shows my social networks mostly. The second screen is where more useful apps, as well as blogging-related apps are located for easy access. Settings, Orange account, Maps, WordPress, Bloglovin’, Dropbox, Music and National Rail. Also on my phone I have an office program, Google+, Goodreads, Amazon/Ebay, Pinterest and an awesome app which tells me TV program scheduling!

This works for me as a portable office because, from a few apps, I can access almost everything I need very easily.

National Rail have a brilliant app. From this you can see live departures/arrivals and check journey times. It’s always good to see whether your train is running late! I think every phone will have a Maps app – I always use this to see how far places are to walk to. I also use the ‘On Air’ app a lot, as I’m forever checking to see what’s on TV.

Social networking:
Emails are obvious – I have both my personal and university email saved onto my phone. TweetCaster and Facebook allow me to stay up to date with what’s going on in the internet world. Fact: if something happens, I usually find it out from twitter.

I have my dropbox which gives access to all the files that I hold in there. I use it mainly for university work, and it’s really helpful when I’m out and about and I need to check something! I also have the Blackboard app, and those in university will understand how helpful that can be. Blackboard is used for any announcements/updates with modules. The office program allows me to download and open documents that a lecturer may email to me – my most checked document right now is the bus timetable for Tuesdays.

The WordPress app allows me to get onto my dashboard, access notifications/posts/subscribed blogs etc. I can use this app to write up a post when I’m out, and save it as a draft for later. Another great one is the Bloglovin’ app. If I’m bored and have forgotten a book, I just get out my phone and catch up on unread blog posts. Pinterest is also good for ideas.

Now anyone who reads my blog will know that I am a paper planner kind of person… I still am. All my planning and reminders get written down. My phone just helps me to get work done and then later access it on my laptop, or just cures a bit of boredom! If I’m not doing something on my laptop, I’m usually doing something on my phone.

*This has been an entry for the #PortableOffice competition run by Currys.

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  1. You are so organised and in touch (literally) with everything!

  2. I am very impressed that you blog from your phone! I struggle to write posts on anything other than a computer but use my phone for immense social media time on twitter & Instagram! I have loved seeing a few of these posts – really interesting to see how other people blog!


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