Photo Friday #6

This week I thought I would show some of my bird photos. I was never really ‘into’ birds before I came to university. Since starting however, I love nothing more than sitting down to watch and photograph birds! (With my favourites being Robins of course… I actually saw one today on my walk, as well as two dippers and one that I couldn’t


Who would have thought that the magpie had such a beautiful blue in it’s feathers?
Magpie by Katie Halsall on

The first bullfinch that I managed to photograph, and I was super happy with it.
Bullfinch by Katie Halsall on

A lovely little blue tit.
Blue Tit by Katie Halsall on

A fairly well camouflaged chaffinch.
Untitled by Katie Halsall on

I managed to get this grey heron in two different places this day. It was also the first time I had seen one at such a close distance (I was only about 5 metres away!) and first one to photograph!
Grey Heron by Katie Halsall on

Grey Heron by Katie Halsall on

This photo of a starling murmuration was taken in really low lighting so I converted it to black and white and really loved the old look that it has.
Murmuration by Katie Halsall on

These starling photos were taken at the Stone Henge… Yep! The first one won a small university competition and got into their exhibition, and the bottom one won me first place in a Waterstones photography competition! The second is a little too bright and edited, but I have the actual winning copy on my hard drive – I’m just too lazy to swap it!
Untitled by Katie Halsall on

Marching. by Katie Halsall on

Well, there you go! As of now, birds are my favourite thing to photograph though insect/macro is a close second! I’m dying to get photos of kingfishers – I’ve only ever seen two and they were both blurs!

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  1. You’re good!

  2. gregjoder

     /  February 15, 2014

    Really nice captures! Love the starling action/color shot…

  3. These are brilliant 🙂


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