Introducing Charlie…

I heard about a competition that Pet Health Info were running and well, I just had to join in! Writing a post about my pet and why I love them? Easy!

All images taken from my instagram/facebook so I apologise for the bad quality in some…

So, Charlie is my very fat cat. On my first day of Year 7 I came home to see a tiny little kitten, hiding behind anything he could. We couldn’t decide on a name for a few days, flicking between Harry and Charlie mainly… Thankfully, we settled on Charlie. Not long after, Charlie went for his ‘op’ and we discovered that he was actually a she. Can you imagine a girl kitty called Harry?! At least Charlie was fairly unisex!

In September this year we will have had her for 10 years – that’s making me feel old! Her birthday is the 4th July, and I think I only really remember that because of the American Independence Day…

Anyway, here are some of the things that make Charlie, Charlie.

She likes to sit/sleep in awkward places, especially when I am on my laptop and not giving her attention. Many times she has just plonked herself down in between me and my laptop when it is on my knee.

She also likes to sit on me and other people. Myself and my dad seem to be her favourites, but I think my dad wins because he’s the one that feeds her the most…

She will lie with me whilst I read. It’s really comforting, lying down reading and having a cute, snoring, kitty beside you!

Then there was that time when I tricked her with a treat so she would stand up she posed with me.

And of course, it’s tiring being a cat…


This has been a cat appreciation post.

Pet Health Info is a website which offers pet health advice and information, at no added cost! There’s plenty of information whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, fish, birds… the list goes on!

This competition is in conjunction with BloggerOpps and Pet Health Info.

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  1. Love cat pictures!! Charlie looks such a character


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