Moments that Mattered

This post is an entry to the fab competition that Georgina from She Might Be Loved is running in conjunction with Lloyds bank.

Last year was a difficult one. I spoke briefly about what happened, but never really went into much detail. In fact, this post will still be quite short as it’s not easy to write about! In July 2013, we lost my lovely Granddad to pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed in April, and declined quite rapidly. It was difficult to watch. It’s always hard when you lose a Grandparent, but I was very young when I lost my other three Grandparents to cancer so they didn’t quite hit me as hard as this one did. At this age I was able to fully understand the illness.

imageThe main moment that mattered for me in 2013 was Fathers Day. My Granddad was very ill and weak at this point, though not bedridden. We wanted to do something for him as we knew it would be his last Fathers Day. The whole family came together, and we had a lovely gathering at his house. He had all four of his children, twelve grandchildren and two great-grandchildren there with him on that day – yes it was definitely a houseful! It was the last time that we were all together, and for me that’s always going to be something to remember. We didn’t do much, but just being there together as a family was enough.

I don’t really have any photos from that day, and we have few from the time of his illness. That’s not how I want to remember my Granddad though – I want to remember him as the big smiley person that he was. The photo above was from one of my cousin’s naming day ceremony.

I also have one more thing that I want to write about… My Granddad was a teacher up until he retired. In his last years he worked as a lollipop man for a primary school. He loved it! Now on the day of my Granddad’s funeral, the car drove him past the primary school that he ‘lollipopped’ for. When they got to us, they told us that some of the teachers had stood outside with a year 6 class. They were all sat on the floor waiting patiently until the car drove past and then they stood up for my Granddad as he went past. To me, that’s just so lovely – it totally got me on the day. Even now it’s made me tear up! He was clearly loved by the children in that school.

So my moment that mattered is kind of sad and kind of happy. I think it’s a nice time to reflect on, despite what was actually happening at the time.

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