Photo Friday #4

Apparently my brain is in the future… I thought it was Friday today 😉 Ah well!

Another of my favourite things to photograph is caterpillars and butterflies… They’re just so pretty and colourful! It helps that I got a macro lens this time last year – I really got into butterflies then!

This was one of the first photographs that I got using my macro lens, with which I was really proud of. It’s not perfect, but I still love it. For me, it’s the contrast between the red and green. I have no idea what this caterpillar is though. It’s too young to have developed enough identifying features I think?

Small worlds. by Katie Halsall on

Now this is where I get really geeky… I managed to see four stages in a moth’s cycle and it made me so happy I cannot even begin to describe. This is the Magpie Moth.
I have the caterpillar itself… We had loads of these to begin with, like at least 20 at one point. Sadly the majority either got eaten or just died, and I only actually managed to find one cocoon to begin with. Of course, more could have cocooned – they obviously just hid better! Saying that, I knew where one was because I actually watched it make it’s journey from the food plant all the way into the small tree close by, and saw it settle down…

Untitled by Katie Halsall on

So here we have (from left to right) the cocoon, an empty cocoon (so two definitely cocooned!), the Magpie Moth and then the underside of it. The colours are so striking! I’m not especially proud of these photos, but they’re just record shots really!

And then here are just some other butterfly photos that I liked!

This one was taken in a butterfly house, so it was super easy to get close. Really proud of this macro!

Butterfly by Katie Halsall on

A very prickly Buff Ermine Moth Larva!

Buff Ermine Moth Larva by Katie Halsall on

A lovely Peacock butterfly. This summer we had so many of these, and the cabbage whites on our ‘butterfly tree’. It was great!

Peacock Butterfly by Katie Halsall on

So this one is different to my usual nature shots. I mentioned editing in the last post, and I said I wouldn’t do it in nature shots as it wouldn’t show the real thing. However, I did use it in this shot, and I just think it adds so much. It makes it more dreamy! I wouldn’t use this as a ‘nature shot’ though.

Untitled by Katie Halsall on

I had hoped to use some new photos but I just haven’t been out this week… Maybe next week you’ll see some new ones!

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  1. I love going to the butterfly house at our local zoo, shame I only have a bridge camera to work with.

  2. Your photography is absolutely amazing – love it 🙂

  3. Stunning photos. Like them so much!


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