Photo Friday #2

For the second ‘Photo Friday’ I said I would show some photographs from my 52 Weeks project. This project showed my photography improving – there’s a huge difference between the photos in my 365 from 2010, and my 52 Weeks in 2011. I played around with colour and editing more, and I gave my photos more of a sense of ‘me’.

I’ve showed this one because I really like the shallow depth of field. This was my first year in college studying photography, and I really started experimenting with aperture and using manual controls rather than the aperture/shutter priority ones.

Now whenever I go out to take photos of wildlife, there’s always a robin. I really love robins, and I’m actually planning a robin tattoo! Anyway, this one was watching my dad doing the gardening. Robins often hang around when you are working with soil because you tend to bring the worms up – thus the robins getting an easy dinner!

This is one of my favourite photos. I managed to entice Charlie into posing with me, by holding a treat out… She stood up to reach for it and I used my remote to take the photo. Brilliant 😉 I just think it looks so funny.I’m not a fan of the editing though, so I’d like to re-take it though to get better colours! (And a better outfit!)

Another Charlie photo… She wasn’t really co-operating here, and I’m sure it was sort of a last minute idea. Charlie was hanging around so I just picked her up before the timer went off. I like the square frame though, and I really like the tones that I used. (How scraggly was my hair?!)

And the final one! This one just screams ‘summer’ to me. Again, I like the tones that I used.

I said I’d started experimenting with my editing, and I think that really shows in all of these photos. Now, I don’t really use so much editing. As I photograph nature/wildlife mostly, I like it to look natural – you don’t want to portray something completely different! The photos above are of a different style, more ‘artistic’ if you will, and I don’t have a problem with editing used in these instances. I’ve really enjoyed looking back at past photos! It’s shows me just how far I’ve come. Next week I’m hoping to have some new photos, but I may show one or two older ones too from the beginning of university.

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  1. I love these photos you are really talented 🙂 I also really like your header Gisforgingers xx


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