My 2014 set up – so far!

Well, I finally got some nice paper, bought some white card and printed out my diary pages/dividers. I made my dividers yesterday, but when I finished I had run out of natural light in which to take photos in! Not a fan of using indoor lighting at night, as it doesn’t give very pleasing images… Anyway, here’s my set-up so far!

Warning, this is a very picture heavy post!
I would also like to add one thing. I have noticed that a few of my images are on pinterest. Now the ones I have seen all link to my blog, so thank you for that. Please do not pin any image of mine, without linking back to the page and my blog.

personal holborn filofax brown

Here is what I see when I open my Holborn. Quite simple – I kept the divider that I was previously using in the front. I don’t have many cards in the pockets yet, just a WHSmith giftcard, university student finance numbers and my RSPB membership cards. Also have two 10% off vouchers for The Works and some stickies. My tabs are also quite simple and I do have room for one more (if needed). I didn’t have this many tabs in my last set-up, but I think this is going to work quite well. My Filofax feels a little more ‘stuffed’ now and it just feels better than before!

First up is the notes tab. Here I just have lined paper for random notes, nothing special! On the left is a plastic wallet which I taped a photo onto. That will just hold bits and bobs like tickets.

Next up is my monthly pages. Now in my last set-up I didn’t really use month pages. This time I am going to try to use them regularly. I can jot down any deadlines, birthdays, plans and see them at a glance.

I should add that I bought printables from DIYFish and these are what I’m using for my monthly and weekly diaries! Here’s the current month!

My weekly diary pages! Haven’t taken a photo of my week because you can see the layout in my previous ‘My Week’ post, and I will also be posting it at the end of the week!

Lists comes next, and this is where I will just make lists… I like having lists!

The first thing in my lists section is my resolutions insert.

I’ve kept the list pages that I designed some time last year.

This year I decided that I was going to track everything that I buy. This way I can see what I’m wasting spending my money on. I made a simple insert for this. I seem to have spent a lot in a few days, but I did have to buy printer ink!

At the back I just have some plastic wallets which hold a few stickers, tapes, library cards and photos. The piece of paper in the back (which was annoying me when I realised that it was there after taking the photos!) is just my timesheet for work.

So, there it is! I am hoping to keep this set-up for a while. I finally feel like I’ve got something that works well for me. How are you all getting on with your diaries?

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  1. I love how much someone’s planner can reflect their personality. Your layout has so much character – i love it.

  2. I just wondered where you got the bird designs from? In images 2 and 8. They’re so sweet.

  3. I love how organised you are! If I was going to have a paper diary, I’d want it to be like this. I just started up at Student Blogger Link-Up – this post would be perfect for it 🙂 x

    Oh Hey Kayspray!

  4. I like your idea of tracking daily spends!

  5. Very neatly done. Looks great!

  1. Motex Embosser | lifeofkitty

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