Books in December…

Well 5 books this month – not as impressive as the last few… I set myself a goodreads challenge to read 100 books in 2013, and unfortunately I didn’t meet that. I did manage 75 though and I’m still happy with that 😉

I will be carrying on this series next year as it’s great to look back on what I’ve read each month!

Solomon’s Tale – Sheila Jeffries
The Perfect Family – Kathryn Shay
War Horse – Michael Morpurgo

So Solomon’s Tale was written from the perspective of Solomon, the cat. The book details his life and how he helps his owner. It was a little strange getting used to that writing, but, as an avid cat lover, I couldn’t help but love Solomon! This book actually had me in tears at one point.

The Perfect Family was a brilliant book. It’s about a family who discover that one of the sons is gay, and shows them struggling to cope with it. I think this book would be great for anyone who struggles with the idea of having a gay son/daughter/friend/relation, because it touches on some real problems that can be faced. I really felt sorry for the kid, and this book also had me in tears. Definitely one to read!

I didn’t actually know that War Horse was written from the horse’s perspective, and having recently read Solomon’s Tale it was weird! War Horse is a great book though. I haven’t seen the film properly (have only caught the ending!) so I can’t say how close the two are.

Murder at the Maples – Joanne Phillips
Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

Now Murder at the Maples was a little strange. For me, it felt like quite a comedic mystery. I mean, it had an actual mystery, and you know some things that happened were quite serious, but the whole setting made it less serious for me. It did have me guessing though, and I was never immediately sure about what was going to happen…

This last book had me hooked straight away. You get Lou and Will, and lets face it… there’s going to be some sort of romance in a book like this. I think the topic covered was a great one – it’s not something I’ve really read before. For that, it was a different kind of romance and one that had some substance.

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