My Insert Layouts of 2013…

Well, if you have been following me for over a year, you will have seen that I tried a lot of different inserts this year…

Now I discovered that a week on one page layout did not give me enough room. I got sick of the notes page, and wanted everything together on my days. I also did not have enough room with the organised mum inserts.

So I decided to start printing inserts out. I started with these from DIYfish, but only used them for a week before deciding to design my own. I really liked the grid layout so started with that as a base.

So here is my own design, and the one that I’ve used most recently. I’m still using it.

I also thought I would try a vertical (?) layout? I’m not sure how this one could be classed. Anyway, I used it for a few weeks and decided I didn’t like it. Back to my original design.

Now my plan for 2014 was to find a nice diary and then transfer those pages into my filofax… I’m still up for doing that, if I manage to find something! I’m also wondering about trying to design some new ones though. I don’t want to be changing so much next year! One thing I have realised from this year though is that I like space, and the normal looking diary layout is one that I’ll stick with!

So, I still haven’t found the perfect layout, but I’m hoping that my next one will be it!

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  1. I am new to the filofax obsession but how do you print them out? I like your design best and am looking for options, I also know what I want (in my head) and haven’t figured it out… I also played around with my printer and couldn’t figure it out. Its becoming an obsession!

    • Hello! It depends how it is set out really. Philofaxy may be able to help you with printing!
      As for mine, I create them in the right sizes, and then export to PDFs. When I come to print, it prints them out in their correct size on an A4 sheet. I get two pages per side of A4.


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