Book Review: Long Time Coming – Edie Claire

image Sometimes I will read a book, and I’m only half way through it when I think that I need to review it on my blog.

Now I’ve never read any of Edie Claire’s books, though I have seen her name before! I have to say, I honestly didn’t expect much of this book, I thought it would just be your average romance. However, it is so much more than that! I was completely hooked, and it did keep me guessing throughout. Some things were easy to figure out, and you know, you figure it out before the character does, but it doesn’t take away from the story. The main ‘mystery’ was a little surprise. I was getting close to guessing, but I didn’t get it completely.


Though veterinarian Joy Hudson is now an accomplished and well-established professional, all the trauma of her senior year in high school comes rushing back when she returns to her hometown to help care for her aging father. The memories she tried to erase about her best friend’s tragic death, and the boy she blamed for the accident, suddenly seem very fresh — especially because that boy is now the handsome town doctor who makes his interest in Joy abundantly clear. Even more troubling is Joy’s mounting suspicion that someone is either trying to spook her or kill her. It will take all Joy’s courage to attend to past and present dangers.

The main characters were really likeable in my opinion. I mean, Joy does get a little annoying and you do want to tell her to get a hold of herself, but it works. Everyone had a back-story, so they had something interesting behind them. I also really liked how it was about Joy going back to her home town and seeing high school friends again. It’s great to see how people can grow up and change. You get both a little of the high school days as well as the present.

There’s a little paranormal activity in this story, but don’t let that put you off! I think it’s really quite subtle for the most part, and fits well with the storyline. I didn’t actually realise it would have the paranormal in it (I didn’t read the description/page properly before reading!) so was surprised, but not turned off with it.

Anyway, I was completely hooked on this story and I will definitely be reading some more of Edie Claire’s writing!

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