All Stars Guest Post: DIYfish

Today I have a guest post from Fish, over at DIYfish, on the beautiful butterflies in Singapore, and some inserts that have been made from this idea! I really love butterflies (which you’ll know if you’ve seen my photography blog!) and it’s interesting to see some different species than the British ones! So, I’ll get right into it!


A Filofax Journey with Singapore Rare Butterflies

image“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

Hello from Singapore. This is fish.

1st Oct I’ve launched a set of Filofax printable refills for 2014 Jan to Jun, through which I’ve featured my 6 water color paintings of Singapore rare butterflies as well as their host plants.

My family and I have been living in Singapore – the garden city – for more than 10 years. The greenery makes it a friendly environment not only to human beings but also to butterflies. There are nearly 300 species of butterflies live here. Now I would like to lead you through the 6 rare species that appear in my designs.

2014 January pages belong to “The Indian Cupid” which is rare in Singapore. It is small with open-wing size around 20mm. The purplish blue wings with orange spots can melt my heart.

“The Great Orange Tip” is for 2014 February pages. It is a kind of very rare large Pierid with wingspan 70mm to 90mm. Its large orange triangular patches can cheer up our days easily.

When we flip the page to March 2014, we will see “The Common Jay”. This amazing blue species flies fast and is very rare in Singapore. Open wing size is around 60mm.

In 2014 April pages, “The Little Maplet” is featured. It is a kind of orange little species with green color eyes. This little thing is more like a forest fairy flying and hiding under the leaves. Its wingspan is around 30mm to 40mm.

“The Dark Posy” is a mysterious species which will appear in 2014 May pages. The Male Dark Posy has purple above with orange patches, yet The Female Dark Posy has brown above. The undersides of them are orange. The open wing size is around 30mm.

2014 June pages, here comes “The Hieroglyphic Flat” with wingspan 28mm. It is more like a bee, hairy and yellow. It is a fast flyer who likes to perch on the undersides of leaves for a rest.

Like butterflies having undergone metamorphosis, we can embrace every necessary journey and evolve into a better self.

Thank you. 😀

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Thanks for that lovely guest post fish! The watercolours are beautiful, and I really love all the different types of inserts that you have designed!

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  1. Thank you Katie!

  2. These pages are so beautiful!

  1. DIYfish | A Filofax Journey with Singapore Rare Butterflies – Part I

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