My life lately…

Well I feel like I have had a very busy week, and haven’t blogged in ages… But it’s only Tuesday! In reality, I just really haven’t been online much, and feel like I haven’t interacted in the blogosphere much! I thought I would do a little mid-week update…

Anyway, at the weekend I went home and I got to pick up my Pocket Mode (finally!) so I can start planning my expedition and take part in The Filofax Project. I got plenty of cuddles off Charlie…

For my boyfriends birthday we met with some of his family and just had a relaxed weekend, and also went to Monkey Forest!

Yesterday was my first full day at University this year, and the start of my Biodiversity Monitoring module. I had a good day yesterday, and all the information was interesting! I was knackered though, and ended up in bed at 10pm last night! I have to be out of the house at 7:30 in the morning, and only get back after 6pm so it’s quite a long day!

This morning was also good – we were outdoors all day. First was a Phase 1 Habitat Survey, and the afternoon had us doing a Butterfly Survey. We didn’t see any butterflies… I think I actually walked around 4 miles today.

Looking forward to tomorrow as we’re doing a Freshwater Invertebrate Survey (and finish at 12pm!). And then on Thursday we have Bird and Mammal Surveys and then a Bat Survey in the evening! Friday is another long day – looking at all the mammal traps to see what we’ve caught, and I think we’re doing the River Corridor Survey before finishing the week with a summary. And that’s my Biodiversity Module over… (With the assessment deadline in November!)

So yep, it is a busy week, but I’m having fun so far!

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  1. Your cat is so cute 🙂 good luck with all your surveys!


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