Blitz: Sworn To Transfer by Terah Edun [Part 2]

Book 2 Teaser!

And here we have the interview! I’d like to thank Terah for answering these questions, and giving us a good insight to her books and work!

Q: Hello! First up, I’d just like you to tell us a little bit about yourself and how you first started writing? Did you know what you wanted to do from a young age?
Hi! I just wanted to say before everything else – thank you so much for inviting me to your blog and introducing me to your lovely readers. *waves to everyone*

I’m a twenty-five year old author with a serious love for all things young adult and fantasy. I grew up in Atlanta but have spent time in almost a dozen countries and went to college *up North* in Pennsylvania. I started writing about two years ago as a gift for my best friend. We wanted to see more young adult fantasy books like those written by Mercedes Lackey and Tamora Pierce. I decided that perhaps my writing could be a solution to what I saw as a serious dearth of my beloved YA Epic Fantasy books. Side note: I could NEVER have enough YA Epic Fantasy.

From a young age I did know what I wanted to be. A lot of things. First it was a veterinarian, then it was a diplomat, then a humanitarian aid worker and then an author. It was a progression as I studied and worked in different fields and now I work in two of those four careers. I’ll let you guess which ones. 😉

Q: Did any authors influence you to start writing, and in the fantasy genre specifically?
Absolutely. I could give you a list of many authors that influenced my writing style, the way I create my characters and answer to the question as to why I love coming of age stories. I’ll limit it to some of my top choices in fantasy – Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey and Katherine Kerr.

Q: Would you ever venture into writing other genres?
Yes! I’m thinking about doing a YA Contemporary Fantasy series. Eventually.

Q: Your book, Sworn To Transfer, is a sequel to Sworn To Raise. Did you already have this sequel in mind when writing the first one?
Yes, absolutely. The story arc for Ciardis Weathervane is an ever growing list of ideas in my head. I was halfway through with my first draft of Sworn To Raise and DYING to write Book 2 as I moved on through Book 1. It’s a similar process with Book 3 which I’ve already begun.

Q: Do you find it difficult to create a whole world for your books, or is it just fun? I can imagine it being quite a big task!
It’s so much fun! For a long time I wrote as a hobby and stress reliever when in difficult situations. If writing ever became a tedious chore then I can’t imagine what I’d do.

Q: Who is your favourite character out of the Courtlight series?
The dragon is becoming a new favourite of mine. But she definitely wants more screen time. I’ll try to oblige in Book 3.

Q: You use some very interesting names, how do you find the names for your characters and the places?
They just appear in my thoughts and I’m like oh that sounds cool! For instance, Markere could be a strong, warrior sounding name right? But seriously I’m trying to cut down on my weird name habit. What do you readers think?
Would you be more inclined to relate to a character with a familiar sounding name that you could pronounce and spell without hesitation? i.e. Marcus versus Markere

Q: Is it nerve-wracking when your book is first published and you are waiting to see the reaction?
Absolutely! And the nerves don’t end. You get a new flash of panic with every new review or mention. But you learn to focus on the important things – your readers and getting the next book ready.

Q: Do you have a favourite author or book/series?
I love a lot of YA Fantasy series but I want to give some love to the amazing Cinda Williams Chima. Her Seven Realms books are always a favourite of mine.

Q: What does your average day look like, and where do you do all your writing?
This is a U.S. based day – if I’m overseas, of course, all of this gets thrown out of the window as I’m working 9 to 5.

Get up at 7:25AM and check email.
Grab coffee and respond to tweets, emails, and facebook posts.
Prep the day’s email to readers or a new Facebook post. And by prep I mean write the material or spend hours in Photoshop creating the image.
3,000 word sprint in the AM.
Between lunch and dinner write 2,000 more words.
Tweet occasionally throughout the day

Q: If you could give an aspiring writer one tip, what would it be?
Never give up. Take criticism as what it is – a chance to improve.

Terah’s work space

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  1. I love that her fave authors are also some of MY faves. Definitely going to look her up!


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