My Filofax Pros & Cons

Now I am sure there are many posts like this floating around the internet, but I wanted to make a list of my personal pros and cons of using a filofax compared to a bound diary! Of course, this includes all binders, and not just Filofax.

A Filofax will never run out of battery! For me, relying on my phone isn’t a great idea. I’d be worried about the battery getting drained, and then not having information that I need! Also, my phone just kind of sucks.

Having no internet connection isn’t a problem. You never have to rely on having good internet connection or being able to get wi-fi! I went on holiday in July, and our cabin could not connect to the wi-fi on the holiday ‘camp’. I didn’t want to use all my mobile data, so it was a good job that I had previously written all post codes and places, that we may need once we were there, in my filofax!

Organised mum inserts

Business card holders

Yoga Pose information sheets

You always have the option of changing your binder, or swapping your diary layout without having to lose any previous information. You can just place the pages into the new binder! This also makes it easier to archive all your notes/diaries in case you want to go back to them!

It is completely customisable. You can choose a binder that fits you, with the right pockets/size and all that. Once you have it, there are various diary inserts available in shops, and you also have the choice to make your own! You can download many cute inserts for free online, such as to-do lists, grocery lists, weight planning, chores list, planning pages etc.

You can add in whatever sections you want! For example, list pages and notes. For my A5 I have made myself some yoga pose information sheets for easy access!

You can also add in plastic wallets and credit card wallets to keep hold of important and loose bits!

Personal and an A5

You have to carrying them around, and they can get ‘bulky’. The pocket/mini/compacts are designed to be more ‘portable’ I suppose, but for me the personal is more practical in size. It’s a little bigger, and won’t fit in small handbags because of that. A5s to me just seem huge! I could never lug an A5 around. (Maybe take it to a university lecture if it’s on campus.)

Inserts are an awkward size if you don’t use A5. They’re still do-able, but you can’t really buy personal sized inserts in shops. Paper doesn’t come in that size so you always have to cut it down. I’m not sure about pockets or minis, but I would imagine they are the same!

(Not) lying flat

Pen Loop

Not all Filofaxes lie flat straight away which can make it awkward to write in. Both my Originals lay flat straight away, but my Finsbury definitely didn’t! In the photo, you can see how it sticks up still!

– For some reason, I’ve always had problems with the pen loops. I use a bic four colour, so it is a bigger pen, and most loops feel quite tight with it! With my A5 Original, the inside pen loop makes the pocket stick up (as seen in the photo – the other loop is fine with a Frixion, I think!) In my songbird, the elastic loop started to break and the fabric was peeling away. In my Finsbury I couldn’t fit the pen in as it was a leather loop – just stuck the ‘handle’ bit in instead.

So there you have it, just a few of my pros/cons of using a Filofax!

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  1. I’ve to say that if I was to EVER buy an Original, it would be that oh-so-gorgeous purple!

    And yes, many pen loops are too small and I just have the clip in the loop to hold the pen.

    I don’t care, though, the ‘difficulties’ of carrying a Filofax…I will take that over a smartphone ANY day. 😉


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