Sea Life Manchester!

Yesterday, on Bank holiday Monday, my boyfriend and I visited Sea Life in Manchester. As he did tell me, it probably wasn’t a good idea! It was fairly busy. We waited in the queue for around 45 minutes before getting in. We went because I had a 2 for 1 voucher, and with the price being £16.50 per person, it was only £8 each. I wouldn’t pay £16.50 for just myself though! It was actually a lot smaller than the map looked. (Booking online gets you in for £12 though!)

Anyway, the tanks were filled with plenty of different fish. Some pretty, some cute and some just ugly! (Yes, I mean the Eel!)

Saw lots of pufferfish, brightly coloured fish, small fish, large fish… You get the idea!
image Oh, and some seahorses and crabs too!

The jellyfish had a really cool tank. It was pretty big, and had quite a few jellyfish of all sizes in there! To the left of it there was a rainbow touch screen panel of sorts, and touching the different colours changed the lighting in the tank.

Given that the jellyfish are transparent, the colour added some cool looks! I think the red might have been my favourite colour! The kids loved this and kept running the finger over all the covers so it was changing like a rainbow… the next two photos are of the same jellyfish in a matter of seconds!

They had ‘Nemo’ of course (and Dory!) and a few different turtles and terapins. This turtle below was pretty strange… Look at it’s snout!

So yeah, we had a good day out even though I expected to see more! Couldn’t really get a photo of any of the rays or sharks because the water was too murky… Not great!

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  1. I had no idea that jellyfish could be that colorful!!!!

    BTW, thanks for the comment notification; fixed it. 🙂

  2. I love your photos especially the Jellyfish!


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