Moving rooms – my books and stationery.

Well, I am finally out of the box room! Now I have a good sized room, a double bed and an en suite! It’s great! We have yet to decorate it. My mum has said that they will do it when I go back to University, so I’m not actually in the room!

I just thought I would show you my desk area, shelves and bookcase for now! I will do a full bedroom post once every thing is done (probably in a few months!).

So, here is my desk area! This desk is really quite narrow (and yes, my furniture doesn’t match…) so I’ve decided to attempt to keep it quite minimal. I have my TV, laptop, Filofax and you can’t see it, but behind my laptop is a little pot for some pens. I also have a couple of candles on there.

On this little shelf, I have my stationery holder on the first shelf. This has more pens, paper clips and all that sort of stuff. My desk just isn’t big enough to have this on as well! Next is my notebooks section. I’ve only put a few on here so far. Just my prettiest ones! Underneath that shelf is a drawer thingy that just has paper, tape, ink and random bits in it. And I also have all my Filofaxes (There’s four there!) Then of course it’s the bin, and a random folder that is holding magazine pages (more to come on this!)

Next up is my bookcase. Now I’m not sure that I have found every book that I own… It doesn’t look like much! And yep, I put my books in alphabetical order! Though I’m not sure whether each letter section is alphabetical… Need to check that!

My Harry Potter books and LoTR books. Also have a small selection of nature/bird/tree books at the end xD Also, my Harry Judd drumstick that I caught and got signed! (And other random bits)

Notice the two AFRICA books? I got one for my birthday, and then won one in a photography competition! Oops! Some of the books are flat because they just stick out so much!

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  1. Two questions. Firstly how do you put those almost see through banners on your photos and secondly was Giovanna’s Billy and Me any good? Great Photos.

    • Photoshop! xD Thanks!
      Yeah I did enjoy it! I mean, some things were easy to guess – like any chick lit really – but it did have twists!

  2. OMG. I am extremely jealous that you have seen McFly live.


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