Doing it for charity!

So, recently, I started volunteering at the local British Heart Foundation charity shop. Seeing as I can’t seem to get any paid work, I figured I may as well do something useful! Working for a charity shop is great. For one, you actually feel better knowing that you are helping to raise money… I have only done four shifts, but I have spoken to so many different people. When you work in a small town, you get regulars that start to talk to you more when they recognise your face, and you also get some great characters! I for one have had many interesting conversations from people asking me what I’m doing – as I answer Wildlife and Media at university! That’s always a conversation starter… “Ooh, that’s different! What do you do in that?”

Today I mainly worked on the shop floor, and I had that exact conversation! I recognised a woman, and she said that she’d seen me a lot and then was interested to know I was volunteering and not working. Then we got onto the university subject and we had a little natter whilst she was waiting for her mum to try something on!

Anyway, I would say that it is mostly the older generation who are donating. That means we get sent some random little home decorations and bits and bobs! The plates that I previously posted about were from this shop!

Here are my finds from today… I was changing up the stock, and these were going to be sent to a different store so obviously I snapped them up!

As I get employee discount, I picked these four things up for £2.43! I love David Attenborough, and also love The Devil Wears Prada. I bought Warhorse because it is supposed to be really good. I’ve only seen bits of the film!

I also saw these random bits in the shop today! I am very tempted to pick up the skull tomorrow!

imageWhen upstairs, I get to sort through all the items that are donated to the shop! Some clothes are really ugly, and some are great! We get brand new clothes in at times! A lot of people look down at charity shop clothing, but I think if people had a proper look through the rails, they would find some amazing things!

After my shift, I decided to nip to Costa, before getting the bus, as I was so hot! This is an Orange and Raspberry Fruit cooler, and it was delicious! I think it said it was a new flavour. I usually get the mango one!

And then I got home, relaxed for a bit and then played a bit of dominoes with the family! We’re so cool 😉

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