My Week in Wales – Part 1

I’m separating these updates into three posts because I simply just have too many photos! This post is going to contain our trip to New Quay!

I had never been to New Quay before this, and it now saddens me that it is so far away from home! (Would be around a 4 hour car journey!) New Quay is super pretty, and I really loved it! The streets are cute, the water looks beautiful, i love all the little souvenir shops and the little cafes… I want to live here! I’d definitely own a boat though!

Our first ‘stop’ was at the dolphin sightseeing boats. We hopped onto a boat, optimism high… On the hour long trip we did not see one dolphin which was a little disappointing, but that’s nature for you! The views were lovely though, and it wasn’t a wasted trip! We saw lots of birds, lovely cliff sides and even a dog on a kayak… Oh and those two seagulls that decided to watch the guy steering the boat!

Then it was off to the reptile house! We saw lots of cool lizards, snakes and tortoises (and one frog!) and then my brother and I got to hold a snake outside.

And then we went on a little exploration on the coast! We found lots of little shrimpy things! I’m sorry I can’t be more specific 😉 You can see a big one in the middle on the second photo, and then two smaller ones to the left!

We went ‘home’ after that, and later that evening, as the sun was setting, we decided to have a walk into the neighbouring field to see what was there. We found a big pile of slate and my dad decided he’d look for fossils! Yeah, we didn’t find any… I did find lots of cool patterns though!

Part 2 will be up soon!

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  1. stevemorton

     /  July 16, 2013

    Great photos, looks like you had a great time. Out of interest what camera do you use?
    Steve (Philofaxy)

    • Thanks! I’m using a Canon 500d at the moment with the kit lens and 100mm macro mainly. Really want an update soon though!

      • stevemorton

         /  July 16, 2013

        I’m still using my EOS20D from 2005! With a 17-85 mm Canon lens, it’s clocked up over 14000 photographs in the time I’ve owned it (8 years) I keep looking at some of the newer DSLR’s but I can’t make my mind up what to go for yet.

      • Hahah yeah! I think I’ve got up to 4000 on mine so far… After using the newer models at University I just want more! Still deciding on what I want though… and then I have to save up!

  2. New Quay! I didn’t know this existed. It’s significantly less spoiled than our own dear Newquay in Cornwall. Good job, Wales!


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