Filofax treats! (All the way from the US!)

I’m part of a group online, and this month we had a secret swap… Each person taking part got a person, a list of their likes/dislikes and then we had to put together a little package for them! (All stationery related of course!)

Now isn’t my package pretty! I love this pattern on the envelope!

And here are my goodies! I love them all – it’s quite difficult to pick a favourite thing!

These ‘mobile’ post-its are super cool, and I’ve never seen them before! They seem like they would be very useful… I’m thinking I’ll stick these on my keys! I always see the Martha Stewart things online – our Staples doesn’t seem to have as much stuff! (Or at least, the ones near me!) The notebook tabs are cool too, I’m thinking of pairing these with my flex! Seems like they’d be good for revision.

So these stickers are probably my favourite… They’re so damn cute! Ah, I love them so much.

Two little plastic wallets! Love the colours, and these will definitely be useful! Also ove the cute paperclips! :3

These post-it notes are cool too! I’ve never seen these either! Post-it usually just does plain colours as far as I’m aware… These are pretty!

And a little notebook in a case, with a pen and the left side has a little pocket too! I like the perforated pages on this! And I got a nice little message!

I’ve realised that I haven’t photographed everything close up… There’s also the little gem decorative stickers, more post-its and some more cute animal stickers!

So yep, I got a very good secret swap, and I am very happy!

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  1. I’m so glad you like everything!! I bought one of those notebook flag things for myself too, I cut off the “hanger” on the top and bottom and hole punched along that side and it fits right into my personal Finsbury! I love that they are transparent! It’s really cool to see all this stuff that was once Massachusetts, USA now all the way in the UK! Enjoy!!

  2. Love the little plastic wallets! I want some!!!

  3. Aren’t you lucky!!! The cat stickers look adorable and the green polka-dot and cupcake post-it design is too cute! x


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