Race For Life recap!

imageIt was the Pennington Flash Race For Life 5k run yesterday – Sunday 9th June. I posted last about running it, and we have raised £205 online. My mum and aunty also have over £50 each to add to that from work sponsors, so as a group we have raised around £300! I took part in this race with my mum, sister and two cousins, although I did run the majority of the race by myself. I managed to finish it in 30:13 and I’m super proud of myself! That’s the fastest that I’ve done a 5k! The others in my group finished in 35 minutes, and between 50-56 minutes.

I didn’t take many photos during the day as I was just so caught up with what was happening around me! After my run, I headed straight over to the free sports massage tent and had my legs done! It felt amazing! I would definitely recommend getting it done if you’re taking part in a Race For Life!

Here we are before the race started…

…and here we are with our medals! (And friends!)

Sharing our stories.

Close up of mine and my sisters messages, amongst others!

The race itself was more difficult than I’d expected! The heat was sweltering, and everyone was red-faced and panting all around the course! The actual route was hillier than I’d remembered, and that, alongside the roaring heat hitting us, made it difficult! Most people ended up walking the hills (yes, me included!) and then just running once it flattened out or started to go back downhill! Despite that, it was great fun and I love doing it! I’ll definitely be doing it next year too! (Might even run both the Wigan and the Leigh one!)

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