So, I bought a Filofax Flex Slim… I couldn’t help it. I nipped into TK Maxx the other week and saw that it was £5.99 so I just had to. (I’m planning on going back on Friday to get an A5!)

I bought it for my daily to-do lists. I’m not using my Personal Finsbury to it’s full ability because I’ve been doing a lot of lists and it’s just annoying have those in a different section. I think I will be buying a 1 page per day diary for 2013… It’ll just be a lot easier!
I’m currently using this for my to-do lists. That way I can keep a small book with me, can write notes in there (for example library books that need checking out!) and I can also keep my student card in there! It’s kind of perfect for right now!

One thing that I would like to know… Does anyone know of any notebooks/jotpads that would fit into the slim?!

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  1. Analogue Man

     /  December 15, 2012

    I bought an A6 notebook from Sainsbury’s, it’s got a black tape spine and a brown card cover, looks like something you’d have at school. It’s the right height but too wide, although it will fit if you trim the cover down and slide it in so the spine is to the middle of the Flex, but it will stick out of the flex slightly. I bought a plain Flex pad from eBay for mine (I too went to TKMaxx). I also went back for the A5, although I’ve no idea what I’m going to use the Flex’s for yet! I found the pocket Flex a bit too wide, so didn’t bother buying one.


    • Ahh okay! Thanks! I don’t think I’d mind too much if it sticks out a little, depending on how messed up it’d get xD I’ll have to try that!
      Yeah, I agree with the pocket size! I think the slim is the perfect size, but just a little awkward to fit other things into.
      I’ve bought my A5 now, and I’m not too sure what I’m going to use it for, but I’m sure I’ll find something! My slim one is more for day-to-day lists/notes etc (:

      • Analogue Man

         /  December 16, 2012

        The A6 notebook is 18mm wider, so will stick out the Flex by about 10mm. You’ll have to have a browse in a decent stationary shop and see if you can find anything else that fits. Happy hunting!

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