Product reviews! Part 2.*

(This was supposed to be posted ages ago but it seems like it got stuck in my drafts – sorry! xD)

So, as you can see, this ‘box’ does hold a lot! It feels fairly sturdy, but the sides/bottom are really quite flexible! You could probably squeeze a lot of stuff in, and it would look a little out of shape but would still hold! I’m currently using it to store my towels in, in my bathroom. It’s working really well for that purpose! It’s small enough to not be in the way, but big enough to hold quite few towels! I’ve managed to fit the pack of towels shown on this post, as well as two other towels that I already had in it.

The towels were thinner than I expected them to be, and also smaller (though I didn’t check measurements so that’s my fault!). That said, you get a good range of towels. Two normal sized sheets, two smaller hand towels and two flannels. The colours were bright (well, the blues!), and they brighten up my bathroom!

Now these tumblers are pretty cool, although I haven’t really used them for drinking out of. I think they’re a little unsuitable for that (maybe they’re not supposed to be?!). I’m currently using them to store things in on my bookcase! They look pretty and they’re pretty big as far as tumblers go…

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