Filofax Update…

So I recently noticed that my Filofax just wasn’t working for me – not properly. I had started to write to-do lists (everyday!) in a separate notebook, and my diary just wasn’t getting much use… Anyway, here’s what it looks like now (did some changes), and how I’m getting it to work!

It isn’t stuffed very much, and I still have the same divider in the beginning…

This is a recent addition – I managed to find a cheap plastic wallet and business cards. At the moment they’re holding my train tickets for next week, and a polaroid that I took the other day!

Now here’s my diary, looking quite empty! The pages on the right are my to-do lists from the past week!

So, I decided to make a new section. I used a dotty divider that I’d already made and put in notepaper behind it. This is my to-do section. Hopefully it gets used properly! I currently have 3 days worth of lists in since taking this photo…

Next is my University section which hasn’t changed. I have student details in there, and then this monthly planner from daytimer.

These last two are new dividers that I made last week! The one on the left contains things I need to buy – so currently it has Christmas present ideas on there! The one on the right is for my blog posts… If I think of anything to write up, it’ll be noted there!

I’m still thinking about my 2013 layout… I was going to get the week on one page with notes. Then I can write small appointments in my diary part, and the to-do lists on the notes. However, since I’ve kind of start writing lists every day, I’m now wondering whether it’s worth getting a day on one page layout! Ooh decisions! I really need to try both I think to see which works best for me!

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  1. Where did you get the cat divider from? It’s super! Is it from Paperchase? Thanks.

  2. I ❤ the craft paper you are using for your to do notes, where did you get it ?


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