Okay I’ll admit it, I am an addict…

I visited Paperchase and Staples yesterday, for the first time in my life! I didn’t even realise Manchester had the shops until a couple of weeks ago! How sad.
I could have spent all day looking in Paperchase – it is so much better in real life, rather than looking on webpages! If only I had the money to just spend, spend, spend.

Anyway, these are my purchases from Paperchase…

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I bought the ‘kraft paper’ because you can never have too much notepaper, right? Plus, it was only £1! I just look how it looks. The Pilot Frixion Point was chosen as I love my other Frixion pens; I didn’t have a black; I’d prefer to have one really fine point to write with; it fits in the Finsbury’s pen loop…
Now the owl index stickers were the first thing I saw in the shop – they are so damn cute! Paid £1.50 for them, and you do get quite a lot in the pack. I’ve put one on my 30 Day Shred sheet, so it’s easier to pick out. I placed it so you can see the eyes peeking out of the pages. It’s fairly thick, but still very bendy. I’m not sure how long they would last, but it seems pretty good. I’ll probably only use them for pages like this, and not as proper indexes. Just for pages that I need occasionally so they stand out.

Okay, now these are pretty boring in comparison… My purchases from Staples.

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Two A4 pockets, already hole punched! These are brilliant, and will definitely come in use. I’m looking for an A4 zipped binder that I can use for lectures, and for putting writing paper in. It needs to be slim, but still have the rings… I’m having a hard time finding a cheap one! The business ones all seem to be huge! Any help with that would be appreciated 😉
I also got two A5 folders… These are for putting my small sheets of paper in from the smaller Oxford refill pads that I bought. They’re going to be used for outdoor work, so it’ll be good to have something to store those notes in.

So yeah, there we have it. These will be the last things that I buy before I get to University… I just can’t afford any more, and I’ve already got the basics. (Though, I will be spending money on an A4 zipped binder if I find one…!)

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