So, I said that I eventually wanted a leather Filofax. I just love leather. It’s so pretty. Anyway, I was browsing ebay and discovered a fantastic offer, and managed to snap up a black Personal Finsbury for £16! It didn’t have a diary (but that doesn’t matter because I already have one!), but it had some info sheets, A-Z dividers, plain tabbed dividers, a fair bit of notepaper, today marker, business card wallet and I think that was it. I can’t remember now and I’ve just filed a lot of inserts away!

So, here it is!
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It was advertised as used, but looked in perfect condition, and I wasn’t disappointed when it arrived! It doesn’t lie flat at all, which leads me to believe that it wasn’t used very much. Though, I have seen people saying that the Personal ones don’t lie completely flat anyway… We’ll see what happens! It still smells very much like new leather. The cards slots weren’t even fully open!

I think I prefer this already over my Songbird, as it doesn’t feel as bulky and heavy…

I’m posting photos of my current set-up under this read more… Warning, picture heavy! 😉

Okay so this is what I see when I open it up. I have my taste card and library card in the card pockets, and a couple of sheets in the big pocket. This currently holds my tattoo design, of which I’ll be getting booked tonight after my consultation!
I still have my Harry Potter front page, though I’m going to have to change that because the organisation number isn’t for this Filofax! I just have nothing else at the moment. In this front section I just have some notepaper in case I need to jot something down quickly.

The diary section! I’m keeping all my old dividers so yeah, you’ll have seen these before. I’m trying a new diary layout (in the writing down/colour code sense), and it seems to be working alright so far. I have the same colours for coding, though a few more were added, and I’m now putting appointments on the right hand side so they stand out more. Crossing out in black once I’ve done the task, and I can still see what’s written underneath. Anything that isn’t crossed I know I haven’t done!

My fitness section doesn’t have much in at the moment. I have a few info sheets, and then my 30 Day Shred calendar which I made and printed out yesterday. The stickers signify the level, and I’m using a date stamp to show that I’ve done it, and on which date. It doesn’t really fit properly though so I’m going to do it for a couple of more days just to see if it works well enough.

My University section. Currently this contains a shopping list, (which is nearly all done!) and a month on two pages calendar from Daytimer. I love this calendar because it has monthly tabs! I’ll be using it to place important dates in there, so it’s easier to see what I’ve got in the month ahead.

This section is just for random things now. I have some very simple handmade dividers (which I’ll probably change when I have the time!) and I have ‘To-Do’, ‘Buy’, ‘Blog’ and ‘Contacts’.

You can see just how simple they are…! I downloaded these ‘To-do’ lists from Anything but Perfect and then glued them onto card so they were strong. These are for long-term to-do lists.

My other sections just contain notes of things that I want to buy and ideas for blogging. They’re not that interesting!

And finally a wallet containing sticky notes, and those dot stickers. I also have the empty business card holder…


Also, I realised this morning that I didn’t do a blog post about my trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, so be on the look out for that in the next few days!

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  1. Hi there,
    looks very nice! It’s your first leather binder? hope you enjoy! and welcome to the addiction 😉

    • It is! I have the Songbird, and I also have the Pink Olympic line burst one. Already addicted xD
      Can’t buy any more for a while though!


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