First month in Filofax.

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Well, here are my first four weeks – they’re not that interesting sorry! Hopefully I’ll have better things to write in when I start University!
(Also, I took the photos on Friday morning – so I did take my antibiotics and check them off!)

I’m just about to sort the rest of my tab sections out, so there may be a post in the next few days with ‘design’ updates so keep an eye out!

I’ve also decided to buy an A4 Filo for University – or at least some sort of binder if I can get a cheaper filofax look-a-like! I have the Oxford refill pads that are bound at the top, and this could make note writing difficult (when writing on the second side of the paper). So, I’m going to put the paper into the Filo and use that to keep my University lecture notes safe and ‘clean’. They’ll only get tatty in my bag otherwise! The other things that I’ll put in there will just be my timetable, monthly calendars and my lecturers contact details. More may be put in but those are the main things – the useful things!

And now for the problem… My pen holder in my filofax is breaking. It was fine at the beginning, and the pen slotted in easily – I didn’t have to force it. Now, the elastic is appearing, and the cotton covering thing is coming apart. I have little fuzzy bits and it’s just coming away bit by bit. I can’t really explain properly so I have a photo…
(You can also see nearer to the top, there is a little bump where it has messed up!)

Does anyone have any advice for sorting this? I don’t know what to do! I will be forever grateful xD

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  1. crazysuburbanmom

     /  August 28, 2012

    Filofax does repairs within a year…have you contacted them?

    • I didn’t order it from them :/
      I’ve contacted the place I got it from – Viking. Someone told me about the website on a forum and seeing as it was cheaper than on the Filofax website, I went for it. (Poor student!) This only happened a week or so ago – it was absolutely fine at first!


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