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A few days ago, I blogged about the first divider that I had made for my Filofax. (You can find that post here!) It’s really easy, and you don’t need anything special!

I used:

    printed photos
    pritt stick
    wrapping paper
    washi tape

Well today I made some more, and I’m going to post photos and a little explanation of what I did for them underneath!

Here is my tab for ‘Diary’. I cut out the black card (I marked out the right size using one of the Filofax dividers that I got with my Filo!) and holepunched it. I had printed this photo (of a polaroid!) onto matt photo paper, and so I cut that out into the right shape and just simply glued it on. I am currently waiting on a delivery for sticky clear ‘paper’ (?). I’m not sure what it is, but you just place it over the card and it works as a protective cover. For now, I used an old sheet of acetate that I found, and cut it to the right size. This just protects the printed photo, as I don’t want the ink smudging! The photo is my boyfriend and my cat – two favourite ‘people’!

This next divider is for my ‘Fitness’ section. I decided to print a photo of Jessica Ennis, as I think she is really inspiring (and I’m interested in the running!). Of course, if you’ve watched the Olympics, and the Heptathlon then you’ll know how incredible she is!
Anyway, I did the same here – cut out the card to size and then glued the photo onto the card. Again, I’m using an old piece of acetate at the moment, just until I get my clear stuff!

My University section! I found this Chococat wrapping paper in Tesco, and just had to buy it! To do this one, I just wrapped the paper over the edges, and glued it down (I also added a little tape to keep the edges stuck down!). I then glued another piece of the wrapping paper on top of the back, just so the folded bits were covered. The photo shows it better than I can explain! It’s not extremely neat, but you don’t focus on that page anyway! (You can also see my long list of items that I need for University!)

This is my ‘Notes’ section. This is a scrap of wrapping paper that I found lying around my house! I did the same as above with this one, only I added a random sticker too!

So yeah, I hope that was helpful and gave you some ideas! It’s definitely cheaper than buying pre-made ones! I bought a pack of A5 card for around £2 I think, and if I remember correctly there are 100 sheets in there.

And on a sort of unrelated note – I found these sticky notes in Wilkinsons! They were only a £1 but I think they’re pretty awesome!

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  1. wandrrlust

     /  August 13, 2012

    What pretty dividers! (:

  2. Those sticky notes are actually so cute . I’m such a nerd have always been a sucker for stationery


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